Simpsons Theory: Homer Is A God (Seriously)

Homer Simpson may seem like a regular Springfield resident on The Simpsons, but could he actually be a god? Viewers have had the chance to witness the idiocracy of Homer for the last 30 years. Even after Disney acquired Fox though, the future of Homer and his family is still bright, as two more seasons of The Simpsons are on the way. The upcoming seasons will give Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie more shine on the screen.

While The Simpsons does a good job of balancing out the screentime, Homer (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) is still the unquestioned lead of the series. Portrayed as an everyday man with anger management issues and a lesser IQ, it is easy to view Homer as the simpleton he's made out to be. But, fans of The Simpsons have recently developed a theory, which is discussed in the latest Screen Rant video, that he is much more than a man - and that he's (unknowingly) a god.

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One of the biggest pieces of evidence in support of this theory is the fact that Homer is still alive. The Simpsons is a cartoon show and is why most of its over-the-top moments have been chalked up to the animators taking advantage of the medium. However, the story of the series has repeatedly put Homer in terrible situations that should result in severe harm to his body or even death. No matter what the writers do to Homer though, he appears to be basically immortal. He can bleed and break bones, but his body heals faster and better than a normal human.

The Simpsons - Homer Woo Hoo

Homer being superhuman could possibly explain his ability to survive and heal, but the other part of this theory that may show that Homer is a god comes with how long he's been around. People identical to Homer have been shown back at the onset of evolution, while another Homer lookalike with a beard was present for the Ten Commandments. Now, The Simpsons has also shown Homer's childhood and teenage years at times, which would at first appear to debunk this theory. Instead of being evidence against the theory, this could further support it though. The theory suggests that Homer is a god similar to the ones found in Buddism, so he has been reincarnated throughout time.

If this theory is true, then the biggest question that fans will be left with is why Homer doesn't act like a god. The answer to that could be quite simple: he doesn't know. Homer may have this incredible power, but his dimwittedness may prevent him from figuring this out. That would explain why Homer, who has shown plenty of selfish tendencies in the past, has yet to use his power to better his own life. If he did know that he was a god, its difficult to imagine him not doing something similar to what happened in Bruce Almighty and make his life better. This is, of course, just a fun The Simpsons theory for the time being, but maybe future episodes will add more credence to it.

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