Simpsons & Star Wars Rebels Most Anticipated Pre-existing Disney+ Shows

A new study says that The Simpsons and Star Wars Rebels top the list of non-original Disney+ shows fans are most excited for on the streaming service.

Star Wars Rebels and The Simpsons

Everyone may be excited about the original shows coming to Disney+, but new research shows that fans are also looking forward to some existing series. News about the upcoming streaming service first broke in November 2018, when Disney CEO Bob Iger shared the name of the platform. Since then, new details have emerged regularly, including the streamer's international rollout plans. In the U.S., Disney+ will be available on November 12 and cost $6.99 per month. However, the Netherlands is currently testing a limited version of the service for free, though without the new, original shows that will drop in November.

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Those new shows include The Mandalorian, a story set in the Star Wars universe that follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) five years after the fall of the Empire. The TV Time tracking app recently named that show the overall most anticipated Disney+ series by its users. Also dropping in November will be High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, a live-action version of Lady and the Trampand Noelle with Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader. The next two years will also see a slew of Marvel and Star Wars-based original series. Marvel shows WandaVision, Hawkeye, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will have actors from the MCU reprise their roles. Meanwhile, on the Star Wars side, it was recently announced that Ewan McGregor will return for an Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

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In addition to new content, Disney+ will also feature pre-exisiting shows from its own catalog, including ones from Fox and National Geographic. New research shared with Variety by Parrot Analytics shows that the top 5 most anticipated series for the U.S. and Canada are The Simpsons, animated series Star Wars Rebels, Mickey Mouse Club, DuckTales, and the recently concluded Andi Mack. The top 4 series are the same in the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, though in a slightly different order. In all three countries, Andi Mack is replaced by a National Geographic show: Wicked Tuna for Australia and New Zealand and The Incredible Dr. Pol for the Netherlands.

Scrooge Nephews Launchpad DuckTales

Parrot Analytics uses a combination of things to determine what fans are most excited about, including "social media, video streaming, photo sharing, blogging, fan and critic ratings, and file sharing." In addition to the existing shows that will be available on Disney+, it will also house hundreds of movies from Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and National Geographic. More will be added as Disney's existing deals with other streaming services end, so that, by the end of 2020, more than 500 movies will be available to Disney+ subscribers. This will notably include the 13 movies that make up the Signature Collection, such as the original Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella films.

The inclusion of The Simpsons on Parrot Analytics' list is no surprise, considering how long it's been on air. It's arguably the most well-known animated series of all time, and it makes sense that fans are excited to see it on Disney+. Similarly, Star Wars is a massively successful franchise, so it's logical to assume that Star Wars Rebels will be a favorite of viewers as well. The other series in the U.S. and Canda's top 5 are a little more surprising, though Disney's animated and live-action shows appeal to a wide audience. The original series coming to Disney+ have understandably made a lot of noise, but it's good to know that fans are excited about the streamer's pre-existing content as well.

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Source: Variety

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