The Simpsons Reveals Celebratory New Logo for Season 30

The Simpsons season 30 premieres later this month, and FOX is commemorating the momentous milestone with a special logo that is now online.

The Simpsons celebrate a momentous milestone - an almost unheard of 30th season - with a new logo. Back in April, The Simpsons broke yet another record - long-held by American western drama Gunsmoke - when it aired its 636th episode and became the longest-running primetime scripted series.

The animated series first aired in December 1989, and has remained relevant with guest stars and constant nods to pop culture events. That fateful 636th episode even contained an homage to Gunsmoke, a true display of The Simpsons' self-referential style. The show is highly regarded and has received many awards throughout its time on air, including 33 Emmy Awards – the most wins by an animated show. And now, FOX is celebrating yet another milestone in a terrific way.

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The new image (below) commemorates The Simpsons' 30th season premiere, airing on Sunday, September 30 on FOX. The newest episode should not disappoint with guest appearances from Gal Gadot, Emily Deschanel, Jonathan Groff, Dave Attell, and Pete Holmes. As a Bart-focused episode, it's set to center on a dare that sends Bart to the hospital; he and Homer then capitalize on the event claiming Bart went to heaven and met Jesus.

Though the show has aged well in most regards, creator Matt Groening ran into some trouble last year with the incredibly racist rendering of the show's Indian character Apu. Hari Kondabolu teamed up with several other Indian comedians in a documentary entitled The Problem With Apu focused solely on the impact of The Simpsons and their one, very stereotypical Indian character, who's voiced by Hank Azaria - a Caucasian man. Once again, utilizing their self-referential voice, the show attempted to make light of the situation, to no avail, in an episode entitled "No Good Read Goes Unpunished".

Unlike any other show, The Simpsons has solidified its position as an America staple through the ups and downs of the last thirty years. Whether its poking fun at current events, making eerily accurate predictions or surprising fans with a constant influx of celebrity guests, the show has made a name for itself and continues to cement its place in pop culture history. If The Simpsons continues to push back against their own controversy, they may never get the chance to make a 40th season logo.

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The Simpsons season 30 premieres on FOX on September 30.

Source: FOX

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