Simpsons Producer Discovers Awesome Continuity Error 23 Years Later

Over two decades after the fact, Simpsons producer Matt Selman brings to light a crazy continuity error from a classic episode of the animated sitcom.

Over two decades after the fact, Simpsons producer Matt Selman brings to light a crazy continuity error from a classic episode of the animated sitcom. Over its soon to be 30 seasons on the air, FOX's signature comedy has become well-known for its general disregard for maintaining continuity between episodes. Characters are regularly featured in one episode only to never be mentioned again, and character or plot developments that take place will subsequently be reversed by the next weekly installment. Only on rare occasions - such as select character deaths - will a change become permanent.

The greatest example of The Simpsons' lack of ongoing continuity is of course the fact that the residents of Springfield generally don't age, at least not since a few notable birthdays celebrated during the early years. With that in mind, the series has told and retold the stories behind notable past events, such as Homer and Marge's courtship, or the circumstances that led to the births of their three children.

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One such flashback episode is season 6's "And Maggie Makes Three," which tells the story of how and why Homer and Marge ended up with their youngest child, perpetual baby Maggie. While Simpsons fans have come to think nothing of the series' lack of continuity between episodes, it's another thing for a glaring continuity mistake to happen within an episode itself. As recently pointed out by Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman on Twitter, such an error occurred during "And Maggie Makes Three." In a scene where Homer and Marge discuss her being pregnant with Maggie, a framed photo of Maggie can be seen hanging directly behind them on the wall.

As hilarious of a continuity blunder as the above no doubt is, the real crazy thing here is that the error doesn't seem to have been noticed before by the notoriously devoted Simpsons fanbase. The extremely picky and judgemental character of Comic Book Guy is in many ways a parody of The Simpsons' own fans, yet said fans don't appear to have spotted such an obvious mistake. It's honestly quite surprising. Although the fact that a Simpsons producer pointed it out does make the glaring error all the more amusing.

While it's a bit hard to imagine how no one on The Simpsons crew noticed that continuity flub before the episode was finalized, in their defense, making 20-plus episodes of an animated series every year is a very time-consuming, stressful process. With The Simpsons now boasting well over 600 episodes though, one wonders how many more screw-ups like this are left to be discovered by eagle-eyed viewers and/or producers.

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The Simpsons season 30 premieres September 30 on FOX.

Source: Matt Selman

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