Jason Momoa to Guest Star on The Simpsons, Character Image Revealed

Jason Momoa will guest star on The Simpsons, and his character image has just been revealed. Over the course of the last few years in particular, Momoa’s celebrity status has skyrocketed, due in large part to his roles as Aquaman and as Khal Drogo on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but also as a result of his down to earth, friendly persona.

People truly can’t seem to get enough of Momoa, and for many, his reputation as a viable celebrity is perhaps matched only by his status as a legitimate heartthrob. Momoa does indeed seem to have everything going for him right now, and his body of work to date has placed him in a variety of demanding circumstances and environments, which is likely why he’s become so popular. Yet one frontier that the 39-year-old star hasn’t spent a lot of time breaching is the comedic one. There have, of course, been past comedic highlights in Momoa’s career, such as lending his voice to Aquaman in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, but as things currently stand, Momoa’s comedic side remains relatively hidden.

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The good news for Momoa fans who would like to see him in a different light is that the longest running American sitcom of all time, The Simpsons, is set to have him on as a guest star. According to EW, Momoa will appear in an upcoming episode as himself, and his character image can now be viewed below. Simpsons executive producer Al Jean has summed up exactly what Momoa’s role in the upcoming episode will entail. Said Jean:

He is the celebrity that shows up and talks about this legend of this saint who was ground up and martyred and became the origin of modern-day pistachio ice cream. He tells this very gruesome story - and then Patty and Selma want him to sign their boobs and he runs away.

Hopefully for the sake of his fans there’s more to Momoa’s appearance than what Jean has explained, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the cameo will be a very brief one. According to Jean, Momoa was not the easiest person to track down, and The Simpsons team heard numerous reports of the star being off filming in some far-flung destinations before they actually managed to reel him in. Momoa is currently in the process of filming his upcoming dystopian series See for Apple TV+, as well as taking part in the production of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune remake.

As for The Simpsons, this year marks season 31 for the long-running animated classic, which premieres this September on Fox. And with SDCC currently underway, The Simpsons cast will host a panel in which many fans are hoping to gain new information on the likelihood of a sequel to 2007’s The Simpson Movie. For now, though, Momoa and The Simpsons fans alike can share in the anticipation of a brand new season rapidly approaching.

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Source: EW

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