'The Simpsons': Homer and Marge Debunk Divorce Rumors

The Simpsons has become one of the longest-lasting shows on TV, with it approaching its 27th season this fall. And while they may not have as big of an audience as they once did, a smaller but just as loyal fanbase surrounding the cartoon series continues to follow them to the day.

From what we have heard so far about Season 27, the creators will be attempting to take the show in new, previously unexplored directions. As it was revealed a few weeks ago, the evil Sideshow Bob will finally achieve what has been his life's work - killing Bart Simpson. Of course, with the event coming during Treehouse of Horror 26, this likely won't be connected to the actual series cannon, and will therefore be inconsequential in the long run.

There's also been talk about The Simpsons season 27 having Homer and Marge Simpson finally call it quits and getting divorced. The rumors started a couple week back, when executive producer Al Jean told Variety that the couple would be legally separating in an upcoming episode, saying "Homer and Marge legally separate, and Homer falls in love with his pharmacist, who’s voiced by Lena Dunham."

This caused quite abuzz among The Simpsons community, with many taking this as evidence that Homer and Marge's divorce was not just imminent, but would also be permanent. However, Jean himself responded to the comments via Twitter, claiming there's more to the story:

So it seems, like it has always happened, that Homer and Marge will reconcile their differences before the end of the episode. But for those who are still doubting that they're staying together, the clip above, featuring Homer and Marge debunking the rumor themselves, should be enough.

The Simpsons - Marge and Homer debunk divorce rumors

The funny thing is that this isn't the first time something like this has happened in an episode of The Simpsons. Back in the Season 8 episode "A Milhouse Divided", Homer filed for divorce from Marge, eventually separating from her, and then remarrying her at the end of the episode. With so many seasons and countless storylines surrounding The Simpsons, some of them are bound to be recycled (as is the case here).

Considering that nearly this same thing has happened on the show before, it's not a stretch to assume the same outcome will transpire here, too. That is to say, it looks Homer and Marge are definitely sticking together. If you still don't believe Jean and Homer and Marge themselves, you'll just have to wait for this fall to find out exactly what shenanigans will unfold on The Simpsons next.

The Simpsons season 27 premieres Fall 2015 on FOX.

Source: FOX, Variety

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