Fired Simpsons Composer Says All of His Musicians Let Go As Well

Fired Simpsons composer Alf Clausen says that his entire 35-person orchestra has also been let go. After working the same job for nearly 30 years, one might think one has developed a measure of professional security, as least as long as their position exists. Yet, with The Simpsons already renewed for two more seasons, longtime series composer Alf Clausen found himself officially fired as of a couple days ago, after 27 years of service to the show.

As one might imagine, this move has not gone over well with Simpsons fans, as Clausen's music has been a big part of the show for most of its run. Clausen came aboard way back in season 2, with his first episode as sole composer being the inaugural edition of "Treehouse of Horror." In addition to composing the score to each and every Simpsons scene since 1990, Clausen is also credited with the music for many legendary Simpsons songs, such as the Stonecutter anthem "We Do," Apu's insincere "Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?," and Monty Burns' ode to his wardrobe "See My Vest."

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Unfortunately, Clausen wasn't the only Simpsons employee to get the axe this week, as The Wrap now reports that Clausen's entire 35-person orchestra has been let go from the show as well. Clausen confirmed the additional firings via Twitter. Adding insult to injury, Clausen has also revealed that - contrary to initial reports that he was fired by Simpsons producer Richard Sakai over the phone - he was actually given the boot in an even more informal manner: via email. Ouch.

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In a statement responding to the backlash, producers insisted that they "tremendously value" Clausen's contributions to The Simpsons, and that he will continue to have a role on the show going forward. What exactly that role will be is unclear, as Clausen remains out as composer.

Elsewhere in the statement, producers also said that they "remain committed to the finest in music for ‘The Simpsons,’ absolutely including orchestral.” If that's the case, it seems rather curious that they opted to fire the orchestra too. One wonders if the idea is simply to try and find musicians willing to work for less money, but that's obviously just speculation at this juncture. Either way, the music of The Simpsons is about to enter a new era.

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The Simpsons season 29 premieres October 1 on FOX.

Source: The Wrap

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