All The Times The Simpsons Called Family Guy Out For Plagiarism/Copying

Here's every time that The Simpsons called out Family Guy for copying them. Over the last thirty years, Fox has been the home to some of the most prominent animated shows on television. Hits like American Dad and King of the Hill made their way onto the network, but this was only after the success of The Simpsons. The show debuted in 1989 and was an instant hit thanks to its characters, the comedy, and a prime Sunday night slot.

The popularity that The Simpsons achieved right away has given the show incredible longevity. Over 650 episodes have aired to this point, and more seasons are still on the way even after Disney acquired FoxThe Simpsons has become one of the most recognizable brands in all of pop culture, thanks to the continued success. The looks of the characters are instantly noticeable, and even those who may not watch the show might know the names of the family members: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

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During The Simpsons' eleventh season, Fox debuted a new animated comedy. Family Guy launched at the beginning of 1999 and had comparable viewership to what The Simpsons was doing at the time. The two shows have been at odds with each other ever since, with The Simpsons repeatedly throwing shade at Fox's new series. With crossover episodes and quick gags, both series have spent plenty of time dissing each other. As highlighted in a new Screen Rant video, there have been some great moments that have come from this. However, one of the ongoing jokes that The Simpsons has made is calling out Family Guy for copying their formula. This includes Family Guy retelling similar stories to what The Simpsons has done, and the latter hasn't been shy at pointing out the comparisons.

Peter Griffin Is A Clone of Homer Simpson

One of the earliest disses that The Simpsons had about Family Guy came during the season 14 premiere episode. It was the thirteenth Treehouse of Horror episode, which are The Simpsons' Halloween-themed episodes made up of many short segments. One of the gags in this edition is titled "Send In The Clones" and shows Homer learning how to clone himself. His results aren't full proof, though, as not all of his clones look exactly like him. They include some variation in their appearance, and when The Simpsons pans through a field of them, Peter Griffin can be seen among the group. This is an obvious shot at Family Guy for making Peter nothing more than a copy of Homer.

Peter Griffin Is Called Plagiarismo

Another example of The Simpsons blatantly calling out Family Guy for plagiarism came during episode 8 of season 17, titled "The Italian Bob." The episode includes a quick gag of two Italian police officers flipping through a book of known criminals. As they look through some entries, the one that will catch the eyes of viewers is a photo of Peter Griffin. His face is shown with "plagiarismo" listed as his crime, which is Italian for plagiarism. This is a clear shot at Family Guy for essentially stealing the premise of The Simpsons: a not-too-bright husband with a lowly job is put in wacky situations with his wife, two grown children, and baby.

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