The Simpsons Predicted U.S. Curling Gold Medal Victory in 2010

The Simpsons predicted the U.S. men's curling team beating Sweden for Olympic gold - back in 2010. The Americans pulled off an upset over the favored Swedes on Saturday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, giving the U.S. its first-ever gold medal in the event. But Olympic curling is old news to The Simpsons, which featured the niche sport in the central plot of season 21 episode "Boy Meets Curl", which featured Marge and Homer forming a mixed curling squad along with Seymour Skinner and his mother Agnes.

Rob LaZebnik wrote the episode, the 453rd in the show's prolific run and the writer's fourth credit out of 13 to date. Clearly, he noticed something interesting happening in the real-life curling match unfolding in South Korea. That is, the same 1-2 result as the episode he wrote eight years ago. He was quick to remind people, once again, of The Simpsons' uncanny ability to predict future events.

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LaZebnik tweeted soon after the results of Saturday's curling match to congratulate Team USA on beating Sweden. But he noted that they actually were not the first American team to win the gold. Marge and Homer did it eight years ago, when "Boy Meets Curl" aired during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Marge was the star of the team, nearly having to forfeit the match due to a right shoulder injury - but she reveals that she's actually left-handed and returns just in time to beat Sweden in the gold medal match as a lefty.

The Simpsons has long showed incredible foresight in predicting future world events - most notably Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidency, which they predicted in a 2000 episode. The show also subtly predicted the Disney-Fox deal back in 1998, and the 2013 European horse meat scandal back in 1994. They've also predicted future technology like the iPod, Siri, and smart watches in various episodes over the years.

Chalk up another stunning prediction for The Simpsons. Calling a victory for Team USA wasn't really the impressive part, but calling that they beat Sweden in particular. They could've very easily gone with Canada or Russia or another country taking the silver. LaZebnik deserves credit for striking his own form of gold to nail this latest Simpsons prophecy.

Then again, it still wasn't exactly an airtight prediction. The episode had Russia winning the bronze medal, while Switzerland took the real-life gold in Pyeongchang. And at the end of the day, The Simpsons is up to 629 episodes and counting. They're bound to make some predictions if you look hard enough. But while this isn't quite the most amazing Simpsons prediction, it certainly counts - and it proves once again that they should be on everyone's radar in this respect.

The Simpsons' 29th season returns on Sunday, March 11 with "3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage" on Fox.

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Source: Rob LaZebnik

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