25 Simpsons Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

The longevity of The Simpsons has resulted in the creation of many crazy fan theories, so here's a list of 25 that may be wild enough to be true.

Homer Simpson

Thanks to the long-lasting nature of The Simpsons, there have been no shortage of fan theories over the years - but here are several that are so crazy they just might be true. Matt Groening and Fox launched the now acclaimed animated series all the way back in 1989, but even they couldn't have imagined the success it would have. As it is the longest running American scripted TV show ever, the popularity of The Simpsons is unquestionable. There is no end in sight either with Fox recently confirming The Simpsons has been renewed for seasons 31 and 32.

Throughout the years, The Simpsons has remained focused on the family for which it is named after. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Grandpa Simpson have been together through over 650 episodes and adventures. Their stories have even expanded to include The Simpsons Movie in 2007. The continued success of the series would not be possible without dedicated fans who have followed the Simpson family for nearly 30 years. There's been no shortage of adventures or surprises, and these have resulted in dozens of popular fan theories.

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In the latest Screen Rant video, we compiled a list of some of the craziest fan theories for The Simpsons. With hundreds of hours worth of material and storylines, there are plenty of wild, imaginative, and somewhat bizarre theories out there. But, many of these could be true. Check out the full list of 25 fan theories in the video below:

One of the earliest and most prominent theories about The Simpsons kicks off the list in style by theorizing that Marge is actually the one who shot Mr. Burns. The theory goes that Burns covered up for Marge because of his love for her and knowing that a baby like Maggie would not be arrested for the crime. This theory certainly is crazy, but the evidence does point to Maggie actually being the one who shot Mr. Burns, so it would be up to future episodes to prove that this theory is correct.

The same can be said about most of these theories. There is some evidence to back them up, but future episodes and seasons of The Simpsons will need to provide more evidence before fans can accept them as fact. The show being stuck in a time loop is a fascinating one that will have to wait for the series finale to prove, if we ever get one. On that same note, the theories that most of series takes place in Homer's mind while he's in a coma or that Bart eventually creates the show will also need the conclusion of The Simpsons to back them up. However, only so many of these theories can be true. There's even more out there and more are sure to come as long as The Simpsons continues to air.

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