The Simpsons' Best Fox Jokes

The Simpsons writers aren't afraid to put any subject under its comedic microscope, and that includes their longtime network, Fox. Created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons launched out of obscurity to become one of the biggest shows on cable when it began in 1987. It became a ratings juggernaut for Fox and one of their flagship programs; The Simpsons has largely retained that status for the last thirty years that it has been on the air.

The satirical animated series has spawned one of the most recognizable brands from any form of entertainment over this span, especially when the longevity of their popularity is considered. Thanks to the nearly untouchable status The Simpsons has earned, the writers have been able to do just about anything they want. They've put Disney - who now owns the series after acquiring Fox - under fire in the past, but the Mouse House wasn't the only media company that The Simpsons mocked.

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One of The Simpsons' most frequent targets is actually their parent company, Fox. The series has not shied away from calling out Fox News' leaning political coverage but has also made fun of the network in other ways. Whether it's bringing in the owner of the company for a role or disparaging the other content that Fox has, the latest Screen Rant video is filled with great jokes The Simpsons has made at Fox's expense. Check out the video at the top of the post for them all, as we'll highlight a few of the best ones below.

Fox Ban Brings More Business

One great joke that The Simpsons had was in one of their American Idol-centric episodes, "Judge Me." The episode sees Moe Szyslak become a guest judge on the series because of his judging nature. But, he gets kicked off the show after threatening to hurt Simon Cowell with a broken glass bottle. He's banned from playing any of Fox's programs at his bar and that turns out to be for the best. Moe's Tavern suddenly sees an increase in business because Springfield residents know there won't be any Fox channels playing.

The Simpsons Stomp On The Logo

Another fun gag that The Simpsons pulled was incredibly disrespectful to Fox. In the episode "Sweet Seymour Skinners Baadasssss Song," the entire Simpsons family defaces the Fox logo. The moment comes during a familiar moment when the family is sitting on the couch, but Homer does stay seated for long. He gets off the couch and rips the Fox logo in a fourth-wall-breaking moment and begins stomping on it. It doesn't take too long for the entire family to join him in this act and let their true feelings towards Fox known in the process.

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