The Simpsons' Best Disney Jokes

Almost nothing is off-limits on The Simpsons, and that includes making Disney the punchline to many jokes over the years. Originally premiering on Fox in 1989, the Matt Groening animated family comedy was an instant hit. The popularity of the series saw video games and movies developed around the Simpson family, but the series has always been the staple. The Simpsons is the longest-running sitcom ever and the 30 seasons of episodes means it has tackled just about everything - including its then owners, Fox.

However, The Simpsons could be in-store for a shakeup shortly as it is now a Disney-owned property. The change comes as part of Disney's industry-changing deal to acquire 21st Century Fox. Ironically enough, this deal was predicted by The Simpsons over twenty years ago. The agreement has and will continue to affect multiple properties, and The Simpsons responded to the announcement in its usual way with a joke

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Before all of this though, The Simpsons took several shots at the Mouse House over the years. The series repeatedly provided twists on classic Disney movies or even critiqued their business practices and operations. There are quite a few memorable jokes, and Screen Rant's latest video compiled together 15 of the best ones. Check out the video at the top of this post for a full list of the jokes, as we'll highlight a few of the best ones below.

Diz-Nee Land

Disneyland in The Simpsons

This is one of The Simpsons' most apparent references to Disney, but it doesn't make it any less great. The Springfield amusement park, which first appeared in season 2's "Old Money," is a clear ripoff of Disneyland, and The Simpsons is sure to let everyone in on the joke of how similar they are. Mitchy Mouse, Danny Duck, and Goophee the Mandog are some of the staple characters at the park, all of whom are more twisted versions of the Disney characters they're inspired by. One of the best parts about The Simpsons' use of Diz-Nee Land, though, is how it shows the reality of the theme park and the constant waiting and lines that those who attend often have to endure. These waits can be all the more irritating when an animatronic ride isn't up to par too.

A Realistic Lion King

The Simpsons and The Lion King

The release of Disney's "live-action" remake of The Lion King is another great reminder of The Simpsons' bloody, but more realistic, version of the story. Stab-A-Lot The Itchy and Scratchy Musical is The Simpsons' violent stageplay parody of The Lion King musical, and even though it is much darker than the movie audiences fell in love with in 1994, it is a slightly more believable version of how wildlife interacts. Sure, the collection of animals at Simba's birth aren't killing each other or chopping off limbs with knives, but some death would be necessary for the pack to live. Maybe Itchy and Scratchy were onto something here.

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