Homer Takes a Shot at DC Movies in Simpsons Season 30 Premiere Clip

A new clip from The Simpsons' forthcoming season 30 premiere, featuring none other than Gal Gadot, sees Homer take on DC Movies. Despite questions over quality and controversy surrounding racial stereotypes, the cartoon juggernaut that is The Simpsons shows no signs of slowing down as the show gears up for its 30th season. Set to premiere on September 30th, the forthcoming episodes will feature guest turns from the likes of Gadot, Tracy Morgan and Jane Lynch. The Simpsons also unveiled a brand new logo in celebration of this latest landmark in the show's record breaking run.

One constant hallmark of The Simpsons throughout its illustrious history has been its often savage satire, from which absolutely nothing and no one has been safe. From politicians and celebrities to movies and rock bands, The Simpsons has never been shy in taking down or aping modern culture, sometimes lovingly, sometimes not so lovingly, and this looks set to continue in season 30. And with superhero movies currently dominating in theaters, it's no surprise to see Homer and the gang targeting some of the less acclaimed efforts in the genre.

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Enter, the DC Extended Universe. In a clip from the forthcoming season premiere episode (via Vanzekin), Homer and Flanders have teamed up to hold a casting session, with Gal Gadot arriving to audition. While Ned is keen to hire the Wonder Woman actress, Homer isn't so sure and when Gadot asks him if he saw her well-received turn as the Amazonian hero, he responds by claiming "whenever I see the DC logo, I immediately fall asleep." Brutal.

Homer Simpson in The Simpsons

While Homer doesn't mention the DCEU specifically in the scene, it's probably safe to assume he wasn't talking about The Dark Knight. DC's attempt at a shared movie universe has thus far failed to compare to Marvel's MCU in terms of both financial and critical success and the franchise has now become the target of ridicule. Earlier this year for instance, Deadpool 2 took gleeful pleasure in mocking lines such as "So dark. Are you sure you're not from the DC Universe?" in response to criticism that the DCEU took itself too seriously. Interestingly, both Deadpool and The Simpsons are properties owned by Fox - the studio behind the infamous Fantastic 4 movies.

The DC movie franchise is highly unlikely to be the only target of The Simpsons' wit in season 30 and the executives at Warner Bros. won't be losing any sleep over this latest barb. However, the satire in The Simpsons has always been somewhat representative of mainstream social opinion and singling out the current run of DC movies really does provide a worrying assessment of the franchise's future. With the status of Henry Cavill uncertain and excitement slowly building over Joaquin Phoenix's non-DCEU Joker movie, could Warner Bros. soon abandon their hopes for a  Marvel-style, shared universe?

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The Simpsons season 30 premieres September 30th on Fox.

Source: Vanzekin (via YouTube)

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