Simon Pegg Denies 'Star Trek 2' Villain is Khan; Talks 'World's End'

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Fan-favorite actor/writer Simon Pegg has a handful of high-profile ventures on his plate - including his respective parts in the pilot for Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont's new TV series L.A. Noir and director J.J. Abrams' Star Trek 2 (not the official title), both of which Pegg recently completed work on. Not to mention, his upcoming reunion with director Edgar Wright and Nick Frost on the conclusion to their "Blood & Ice Cream" trilogy, The World's End.

In a recent profile piece for The Telegraph, Pegg touched on how the Trek sequel is a tricky animal - one which, in different respects, has been easier to make than its predecessor (Abrams' reboot of the franchise), but also faces challenges similar to those for any followup to a popular blockbuster:

“This time [with 'Star Trek 2'] we had the benefit of being able to hit the ground running – we spent some time in the first one re-establishing the characters. Now we have a fully set-up group of people that we can just get on with straight away. So it ups the ante slightly, and we’ve all had more to do. So it’s totally incumbent on us to not drop the ball. It would be a disaster if it wasn’t as good as – or better than – the first one.”

Pegg also confirmed that Scotty will be a full-time member of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew in the new Trek movie. As for those rampant rumors that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is playing superhuman Khan Noonien Singh - Pegg not only addressed them head-on, he openly admitted to being pretty fed up with all the speculation:

"[Benedict Cumberbatch's character is] not just another disgruntled alien. It’s a really interesting… sort of… thing. Obviously I can’t talk about it... It’s not Khan. That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not... I think people just want to have a scoop. It annoys me – it’s beyond the point to just ferret around for spoilers all the time to try to be the first to break them. It masquerades as interest in the movie but really it’s just nosiness and impatience. You just want to say, ‘Oh f--- off! Wait for the film!’”

On the one hand, Pegg does raise a valid point. We fans can get pushy when it comes to learning more about an anticipated blockbuster, especially one where production has been as low-key as that for the Star Trek sequel. Certain people have proven willing to dismiss a franchise title in advance based solely on the identity of the villain (see: reactions to General Zod in Man of Steel).

On the other hand: coming up with theories about the possible new interpretation of a famous character makes for harmless fun. It's something we're all going to do anyway, so by revealing a film's baddie far in advance of its release - like what Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan did with Bane in The Dark Knight Rises - you can at least ensure that fans stay on the right track, as far as speculation goes.

Moving on...

Lastly, Pegg dropped a few hints about what to expect from The World's End - and how it will complete the trilogy, starting with Shaun of the Dead and continued by Hot Fuzz (at least, thematically-speaking):

“I think ['The World's End'] makes the three films a trilogy, in that it consolidates some themes and ideas that we started to explore in the first two. 'Hot Fuzz' and 'Shaun Of The Dead' are about the struggle of essentially a small group against a large group, and it’ll continue that forward. We’ve said in our most lofty moments that 'Shaun Of The Dead' was about evolution – it was about Shaun becoming something more than he was. 'Hot Fuzz' was about devolution – it was about [super-cop] Nick Angel dumbing himself down to become something else. And 'World’s End' is about revolution, which will be apparent when you see it.”

Production could feasibly get underway on World's End as soon as the last third of 2012 [Insert obligatory Mayan Apocalypse joke here] - though that will also depend on whether or not Marvel sets Wright to begin shooting his long-gestating Ant-Man movie by this upcoming fall. There's plenty of positive buzz for both projects, so no matter which begins filming first, it's a win-win for fans.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on the status of The World's End as more information is released.

Meanwhile, Star Trek 2 has already been scheduled to hit theaters in the U.S. on May 17th, 2013.


Source: The Telegraph

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