Simon Pegg Reveals Shaun of the Dead Vampire Sequel Idea

Shaun of the Dead co-creator Simon Pegg has revealed the ambitious plans that he once had for a sequel. While the modern viewer may be obsessed with this The Walking Dead world of shuffling zombies and Greg Nicotero SFX, it's best not to forget the '00s classic Shaun of the Dead that came well before them.

Starring a who's who of British comedy, Shaun of the Dead teamed up Pegg with good friend Edgar Wright and kick-started their Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. The likes of Nick Frost, Bill Nighy, and Peter Serafinowicz helped make up the rest of the cast, while Pegg played the titular Shaun. Just like what George A. Romero did with Night of the Living Dead, Shaun helped to reinvent the zombie genre - but why was there never a sequel?

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Speaking to EW to celebrate the movie's thirteenth anniversary, Pegg, Frost, and Wright discussed the legacy of Shaun of the Dead and also revealed lost plans for a possible sequel that would've put Shaun against some new supernatural enemies:

"I jokingly wrote a treatment for From Dusk Till Shaun, which was a sequel. Edgar thought it would be funny to do the film again, with vampires. It was all just pub talk."

Pegg doesn't go any further about who would star and how it would work, but with most of the characters ending Shaun of the Dead as shuffling corpses themselves, it sounds like it would've been a loose remake of the original. There have been several attempts at vampire comedies since Shaun of the Dead, but movies like Lesbian Vampire Killers and What We Do in the Shadows have failed to reignite audience interest in fanged fiends.

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead

As the world's first rom-zom-com, Shaun of the Dead was a bold move, but one that worked in everyone's favor. Balancing homages to the best of the undead genre, the movie had a sharp script and an impressive cast that everyone could get onboard with. It is hard to imagine a better cast for Shaun of the Dead, but Wright also revealed that Helen Mirren was originally approached to join the movie:

"Some people just didn't get [the concept]. I'm not embarrassing her by saying this, because she says the same thing — Penelope Wilton initially passed. Helen Mirren was offered Barbara. She said, 'I would only do the movie if I got to play Ed.'"

Frost admitted that Mirren would've been amazing as Ed, so who knows what the future could hold if the trio ever decided to pick up with their vampire movie idea. While the rest of the Cornetto trilogy enjoyed success with Hot Fuzz and The World's End, neither could compare to Shaun of the Dead. As for the idea of remaking Shaun with vampires instead of ravenous zombies, it is an interesting prospect indeed.

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Source: EW

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