Simon Pegg May Join TNT's 'L.A. Noir' In Top-Secret Guest Role

Simon Pegg LA Noir guest role

After handling the Enterprise's warp drives in Star Trek and wrangling international terrorists in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, British actor and writer Simon Pegg may be headed to 1940s Los Angeles for a top-secret guest spot in the pilot episode of Frank Darabont's upcoming L.A. Noir.

As of right now, the details of Pegg's involvement are limited only to the fact that the actor is in negotiations for the guest spot, and no information has been provided in terms of the character he has been approached to play. As the part is being described only as a guest spot in the pilot, it's safe to say that whoever Darabont and the show's producers want Pegg to portray, he won't be a regular, but more likely a key element to the pilot's overall plot.

For the uninitiated, L.A Noir is Frank Darabont's follow-up to The Walking Dead, and is a period drama that trades zombies and endlessly bickering survivors for well-dressed gangsters and fedora-wearing detectives. More specifically, Noir takes a look at the ongoing battle between notorious gangster Mickey Cohen and the Los Angeles Police Department - which also happens to be the subject of Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer's upcoming crime drama, Gangster Squad.

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If Pegg were to sign on for a guest role, he would be joined by series regulars Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), the recently-cast Neal McDonough (Justified, Captain America: The First Avenger), as police chief William Parker, and the long-rumored (and recently unemployed) Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead), as hard-boiled LAPD detective Joe Teague.

Jon Bernthal as Shane The Walking Dead AMC
Jon Bernthal will join L.A. Noir as Joe Teague

As Darabont had mentioned in an earlier discussion of the series, much of L.A. Noir will revolve around Teague's character, so casting Bernthal while the heat of his Walking Dead exit is still on, is a smart move. More casting for the series will likely be announced soon, as early reports have the pilot – written and directed by Darabont – to begin filming sometime next month.

While L.A. Noir has amassed an impressive cast already, the potential of Pegg (in any size role) would be considered a boost, in terms of attracting some media attention. Depending on the role, and if the pilot garners a series order from TNT, perhaps Pegg will find time to revisit 1940s Los Angeles in between Star Trek 2 and Mission: Impossible 5.

Given Pegg's filmography (specifically Shaun of the Dead), it's a shame he and Darabont weren't able to collaborate on the director's previous television endeavor.


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