Simon Pegg’s Casting In Amazon’s The Boys Pays Off The Comic

Simon Pegg has a small role to play in Amazon's The Boys TV series, but his role pays off a piece of inspiration for the original comics.

The casting of Simon Pegg as Hughie's father in Amazon's The Boys pays off the inspiration for the original comic series, as Hughie's appearance in the comics was based on Pegg. Created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys debuted earlier this year on Amazon Prime Video. The TV show has been an immediate hit, becoming one of the service's most-watched shows ever. After the success of the first season, Amazon has already announced that season 2 is on the way and is in the midst of a bloody production.

One of the strongest aspects of The Boys is its great cast, but some may have also been surprised to see that Simon Pegg was included in a small role as Hughie Campbell's father. Pegg is best known for his parts in the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises and leading Edgar Wright comedies like Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead.

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When Ennis and Robertson were creating the lead character of Hughie, they designed the character based on Simon Pegg's look in real life. However, when it finally came time for The Boys to cast the role of Hughie, Pegg was about a decade too old to play the part as intended. This disappointed fans at first, as those who read the comics had hoped to see him play the role eventually. To get around this, the decision was made by the show's producers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Eric Kripke to cast Pegg as Hughie's father instead. For more Easter eggs like this, check out the latest Screen Rant video featured above.

Jack Quaid and Simon Pegg in The Boys Amazon Prime

For fans of The Boys and even for Pegg, this decision was a clever way to still get him involved with the Amazon show in some form. He spent most of his time with Jack Quaid, as he was the one who played Hughie in the series. The duo quickly established a great rapport in their limited time together. And for comic readers, seeing a live-action version of Hughie standing next to the comic inspiration for him only makes these scenes all the better.

The good news is that Hughie's father survived the first season of The Boys, which means that he could be part of the returning cast list for season two. If he does return, then more interactions between Pegg and Quaid are bound to happen. Meanwhile, viewers could be treated to even more Star Trek reunions between Pegg and Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher in the series. And who knows, maybe Pegg will get even more to do in future episodes of The Boys.

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