Simon Pegg Enjoys Idea of Being an Ant-Man Villain

Simon Pegg as Ant-Man Villain

With anything Edgar Wright touches, fans expect that his friends and usual stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to be involved in some capacity or at the very least to be rumored so. With that in mind, it's entirely unsurprising that Pegg has been listed as a "candidate" for the title role in Wright's Marvel movie for years now.

But will Edgar Wright ever make Ant-Man for Marvel Studios? The partly comedic spy comic book movie about the Avenger who could change his size has seemingly been in development forever. We know that Ant-Man will not be included in The Avengers roster and instead will get his own solo movie to fully expand on his origins before jumping on the (already large) team of superheroes for Avengers sequels down the road.

As Marvel sets release dates for its major upcoming films, which include Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger next summer, The Avengers the summer after and Iron Man 3 the summer after that, we still have no idea when Wright will put Ant-Man next on his list of movies to make.

That's not stopping the fandom from posing questions to Wright or Pegg at every opportunity and in a recent interview with View London, Pegg was asked this very question: Would he play Ant-man if asked?

"No. (laughs) Ed's not going to ask me to play Ant-Man! He wants some young – he'll want, like Chris Evans to do it or one of his new American buddies."

Hey Simon, Evans is Captain America.

"Oh, that's true. Yeah, that's true. I don't know – I don't think I'd want to play Ant-Man. I think it would be more fun to play a villain in that thing. I'd like to play a villain. But no, they're going to want some good-looking young American. That's a Marvel movie – funny-looking British actors don't play a big part in that unless they're bad."

The latest rumors for who could play Ant-Man involve Adrien Brody, but when we chatted with him in New York for Comic-Con a few weeks back he wasn't too sure on where discussions between his people and Marvel's were at or if they were going anywhere at all.

As for a villain, can you buy Pegg as the antagonist in a Marvel superhero movie?

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Source: View London

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