Silver Surfer Movie (Sort of) Happening [Updated]

[Update: Silver Surfer isn't as dead as first reported. See post for details.]

The last significant update we heard on the proposed Silver Surfer movie was last summer when director Alex Proyas said he's definitely not working on the project, emphasizing that he'd never work with Fox studios again.

Since then, we have found out that Fox is pushing forward with the Fantastic Four reboot and that it would feature an entirely new cast. What does that mean for the Silver Surfer spin-off many were hoping for? Well, it's unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Writer J. Michael Straczynski recently spoke with Collider last week and touched on the subject, saying that the not-so-hot reception to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer made the studio put plans for the Silver Surfer character on hold.

Straczynski's script has been done for a while and is in the hands of Fox, however it's tied into the last Fantastic Four movie and would have to be heavily re-worked.

"What happened was when ‘FF2’ didn’t do as well as they hoped it would do, it caused them to call into question a ‘Silver Surfer’ movie... The script that I wrote picked up right where ‘FF2’ left off. So if they do a ‘Silver Surfer’ film down the road, it’ll have to be its own separate things.”

“It was definitely adult fare. I wanted to tell the origin of the Surfer and get into that whole thing.”

As much as I love Doug Jones (who's under contract to play the physical form of the Silver Surfer again), this movie just doesn't make sense any way. Last month, the actor - who can be seen as Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies or as the Ice Cream Man in next year's Legion - expressed his interest in playing the character again:

“There are still a couple of years left on their option for two more pictures with me, as a three-picture deal is quite standard when starting a franchise-potential character. But with all the ‘re-boot’ talk of the ‘Fantastic Four’, I have no idea where that leaves the Silver Surfer end of things. I would love to re-visit this character. I do love Norrin Radd.”

UPDATE: Straczynksi is now back tracking a bit, claiming that his quote to Collider was taken out of context. Here's his more "official" take on the whole Silver Surfer movie issue:

When I was asked about the Silver Surfer script, I responded about the one I’d written around the time that FF2 was launched, and was designed to pick up where that one left off.

When FF2 didn’t do as well as hoped for, that script was set aside, but that has NOTHING to do with the Silver Surfer script that is NOW under development at Fox with other folks. As far as I know, that is proceeding apace. So the hysteria that’s gripped the nets about “ohmygod the Surfer movie is dead!” is not correct, as I was again referring to only that one specific script tied into FF2, NOT what’s being done now.

Now, it should be noted that Straczynski is NOT involved with this new SS script over at Fox - but that the film is proceed "apace." Sounds good for Surfer fans, but let's not get TOO excited here...

The Fantastic Four franchise as we know it is dead, so how can the studio justify throwing a ton of money at a production for this character over their other titles and reboots of proven franchise properties? A Silver Surfer movie really wouldn't sell with its tie-in franchise scrapped, set to be rebooted, and it pales in comparison to all of the other comic book properties and title characters coming out as feature films over the next few years.

For it to work, our Silver surf dude friend would have to be introduced in the Fantastic Four reboot and if those movies are widely popular (at the very least more successful then their first two attempts), then they could build upon it with a spin-off.

For fans of the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four, you'll have to wait until Fox launches their franchise reboot.

What do you think about a Silver Surfer solo adventure and the Fantastic Four reboot?

Source: Collider, MTV Splashpage, It's Just Movies

Update Source: Silver Surfer Film

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