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A new report adds a number of heroes from Marvel Comics to Sony's upcoming Spider-Man spinoff Silver & Black. Ever since Sony announced plans to bring Venom and Silver & Black to theaters, questions have arisen as to whether this new universe would connect to the MCU. While Kevin Feige has said they're two separate things, yesterday's reveal of Scorpion and other villains as part of Silver & Black has thrown that into question.

For now, nothing official has been revealed about the upcoming film except that Gina Prince-Bythewood will direct and its focus will be on anti-heroes Black Cat and Silver Sable. With yesterday's news, however, we potentially have a better idea of how the plot will unfold. There's a strong chance this weekend's Comic-Con could elucidate things further. Barring that, the film is said to start shooting this fall, meaning casting and plot details should be on their way. In the meantime, a new report points toward even more characters being pulled from the pages of Marvel Comics - including a few we didn't previously know were under Sony's control.

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After yesterday's reveal, That Hashtag Show is back with another batch of characters who look to be joining Silver & Black. According to their report, Silver Sable will be getting some government assistance as she seeks to hunt down Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. Running point will be Dominic Fortune, a mercenary in the comics who's being reinvented as a Department of Justice agent. As the site notes, this is intriguing as the last we heard of the character in a live-action setting was for Marvel's Most Wanted. Likely, this will be a new take on the character, but Sony's usage of him seems to indicate more interplay between the studio and the MCU than has been previously reported.

Along with Fortune, another DoJ agent will be Mark Sim. Oddly, the character is not only another one owned outright by Marvel Studios, but he's a new Inhuman and member of the New Warriors. In the comics, he's a teenager who turns into a Korean fire-bull-deity, but we doubt that will carry over. What's even stranger is both Sim and the script for Silver & Black were penned by Chris Yost, meaning the writer is potentially changing his own creation.

The final batch of government agents assisting Sable will be Powell and Klein, two members of the mercenary's Wild Pack group from the comics. Again, they're being remade as government operatives with their connection to Sable from the page being alluded to.

All told, Silver & Black looks to have a packed roster. There's also the fact that previous rumors have indicated even more comic characters could be in the mix. Hopefully, we'll know some more concrete details soon. In the meantime, Silver & Black looks to be bringing a number of Marvel characters from the page to the screen.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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