Spider-Man Spinoff Silver and Black Will Film In Atlanta

Local sources have revealed that Spider-Man spinoff Silver and Black will start filming next year in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marvel's deal with Sony brought Tom Holland's Spider-Man into that MCU, but that doesn't mean Sony is out of the Spider-Man film business. In addition to an animated movie starring Miles Morales, the studio is also working on a range of spinoffs. These take advantage of Spider-Man's rich and diverse rogues' gallery, and next year's Venom will be first out of the gate. It will be followed up by Silver and Black, starring Silver Sable and the Black Cat.

The film recently entered pre-production with Black Panther costume designer Ruth E. Carter and Doctor Strange VFX supervisor Sheena Duggal joining the crew. Significantly, Omega Underground is now reporting that the movie is due to start filming in Atlanta next year. Most fans expect filming to begin when Venom wraps up production in February.

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If these reports are accurate, it looks as though Sony has a lot of confidence in the spinoffs. Venom is still in production, and marketing has only just kicked off for the tongue-slavering symbiote's solo movie. CCPX 2017 featured a Venom panel, with a recording from star Tom Hardy and the unveiling of what seems to be the film's logo. For Sony to move ahead with the second film even at this early a stage is a promising sign.

Black Cat and Silver Sable movie

Right now, the plot of Silver and Black remains a mystery. Director Gina Prince-Bythewood has suggested the movie will be inspired by films like Thelma & Louise and Midnight Run, positioning it as a superhero buddy picture. Clearly, we can expect these two antiheroes to be pitted against one another. In the comics, Silver Sable is a mercenary whose career is a major source of income for her homeland, Symkaria. The Black Cat, meanwhile, is best known as Marvel's ultimate sneak-thief. There have been constant rumors that Sable will be hired to bring the Black Cat in, and will view Felicia Hardy as a way of getting to the film's villain. The bad guy in question is believed to be ruthless scientist Mendell Stromm. Sometimes known as the Robot Master, Stromm was actually the scientist who created the Green Goblin serum. It's believed Oscorp will play a background role in Silver and Black, with nods to Norman Osborn himself.

With filming to begin next year, we can expect concrete information soon. At the very least, it will be exciting to see who Sony has cast for the lead roles.

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Source: Omega Underground

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