Silicon Valley Season 5 Trailer Confirms March Premiere Date

The first trailer for season 5 of Silicon Valley confirms a March 25 premiere date for HBO's hit comedy. After four seasons, Silicon Valley is heading for its biggest shakeup yet. The crew behind Pied Piper are finally turning things around after multiple failures and oversights by creating a new internet. In doing so, the end of season four set in motion a change for how Pied Piper would operate. However, they will still be going up against their longtime rival Gavin Belson (Matt Ross).

The biggest change Silicon Valley will take on in season five however is moving forward without a key member. T.J. Miller is no longer involved with the show. The absence of Erlich Bachman will open the door for other characters to step up to bigger roles. Fans were not quite sure how this departure would be handled, but the first trailer for season 5 does make mention of it, along with the series' return date.

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HBO released the first trailer for season 5 today (featured at the top of this post), one that largely focuses on the new Pied Piper. Starting with Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) having an anxiety attack, the new trailer doesn't waste too much time teasing what the new season will hold. Richard and Gavin meet face-to-face once again, Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) and Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) stay competitive, and more. Plus, Erlich's absence is teased by Jian Yang (Jimmy O. Yang) taking control of the incubator. Season 5 will premiere on Sunday, March 25.

Thomas Middleditch Kumail Nanjiani Martin Starr and Zach Woods in Silicon Valley Season 4

For a season long trailer, this one does just enough to show why Silicon Valley became the hit it did. The continuous hi-jinx between the group is part of what makes it so good, and there appears to be plenty of it ahead in season 5. With a cast as good as this one, it will really be up to the overall story of the new season to determine its success. The main group normally find a way to be funny, and hopefully more screen time from Zach Woods, Suzanne Cryer, and Yang will further elevate the show.

It is also nice to see the trailer address Miller's exit in some way, instead of just ignoring it completely. That quick exchange is surely not going to be the last mention of Erlich in season 5, but it begins to get viewers ready for a season without him. There's no denying Miller was one of the reasons why Silicon Valley took off, so it won't be the easiest transition now that he's gone. Fans can only hope the writers found a great way to explain his absence and not make is an awkward part of the story. Even without Miller, there is plenty to look forward to in season 5, and thankfully it isn't too far away.

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Silicon Valley returns for a fifth season on HBO starting Sunday, March 25.

Source: HBO

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