Silicon Valley Season 4 Trailer & Poster by Daniel Clowes

For three seasons, HBO's Silicon Valley followed the Pied Piper team as they attempted to get their innovative middle-out compression platform to market despite an immense and hilarious array of difficulties, some caused by greedy and jealous people in the tech world and some very much self-inflicted. The twists and turns of Pied Piper's journey provided a means for Mike Judge and his cast to skewer every level of Silicon Valley from the nerdy dreamers at the bottom to the callous capitalists at the top.

In season 3, Pied Piper finally dropped and initially seemed successful, but in typical Silicon Valley fashion this apparent moment of triumph only opened the door on more profound complications. When the series returns to HBO for season 4 on April 23 big changes will be in store for the team as was already teased in an earlier, shorter preview.

In a new trailer that's accompanied by some terrific new poster art by famed comic book creator Daniel Clowes, Richard and Jared confront their new bosses, Erlich and Big Head, while Richard announces that he's quitting. What could the brilliant-but-awkward Richard be up to now? How about rebuilding the internet? This sounds like the kind of idea Erlich may have had while high, but Richard seems deadly serious. Just how serious he is gets revealed when he sits down for a meeting with a very hairy Haley Joel Osment who appears to be some kind of potential investor.

Silicon Valley Key Art Daniel Clowes

Later in the trailer, Erlich gets up to some very Erlich-like business when he tries to mansplain to Monica and Laurie what mansplaining is. There's also a brief glimpse of fan favorite Jian-Yang floating in a pool like a high-roller, and hints of some collusion between Richard and Gavin Belson. The trailer also addresses season 3's revelation that Jared cooked Pied Piper's user statistics by hiring a clickfarm in Bangladesh, making the company essentially a giant fraud. Let's not even begin to speculate on what's going on with Dinesh and Gilfoyle and their rad pajamas.

April will be a great month for fans of biting satire with HBO bringing back both Silicon Valley and Veep. Both shows appear to be shaking up their formulas somewhat, and we'll see if the two popular, award-winning programs can continue to maintain their usual high level of quality despite the changes.

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Silicon Valley season 4 premieres Sunday, April 23 @10:30pm on HBO.

Source: HBO

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