Silicon Valley Gets Funko Pop Vinyl Figurines

TJ Miller Zach Woods Thomas Middleditch Kumail Nanjiani and Martin Starr in Silicon Valley Season 3

Though it loomed in the shadows of Game of Thrones, HBO’s Silicon Valley was one of the key series to help the cable network solidify their stronghold on Sunday night entertainment. It seemed odd when it premiered back in 2014, but over the ensuing seasons the Mike Judge (Office Space, Idiocracy) created satire of the start-up culture has become an indispensable part of the HBO lineup that speaks well to the over quality and diversity of their content strategies. You don’t get to be one of the best by catering to one crowd, after all, and with Silicon Valley, HBO was able to keep eyes on their network after Game of Thrones ended, in addition to bringing in those handfuls of people disinterested in their medieval tinged fantasy.

Following up a show of Game of Thrones’ acclaim can’t be easy, but over the last three seasons Judge and Co. have established themselves as one of the best—and smartest—comedies in the business today. The story of Pied Piper’s troubled development and launch is both captivating and brilliant, with each episode peppering the perfect balance of awkward humor, schadenfreude, and slapstick with true-to-life scenarios that take us into the real world of Silicon Valley. It helps that the ensemble of Thomas Middleditch (The Bronze), T.J. Miller (Deadpool), Kumail Nanjiani (The Late Bloomer), Martin Starr (Party Down), and Zach Woods (Ghostbusters) complement each other beautifully, with each playing towards some trope familiar to the world of geekdom. Now, they are each memorialized by another important corner of geek culture: the collectible.

Just in time for the premiere of Silicon Valley’s fourth season, Funko Pop has announced that the Pied Piper team is the latest group to be immortalized by their collectible bobble head figurines. The five core members of Pied Piper each get their own figurine, joining the ever going ranks of Funko collectibles that also include entries from other HBO shoes like Game of Thrones and True Blood. You can check out images of the Silicon Valley Funko figurines in the gallery below.


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At first glance, it seems odd that Silicon Valley would be picked for Funko Pop’s line of bobble heads, but the company has come a long way in recent years, moving far outside the superhero and comic book realm that many people still know them for. At this point, it doesn’t seem to matter what the company puts out, as fans of the IP and collectors in general will flock to the product regardless. And in its own way, Silicon Valley does make a bit of sense.

Steeped in both tech and geek culture, the show is just another example of the “geekification” of the world that’s been occurring for the last few years. Even a decade ago, the world largely ignored the goings on of the real world Silicon Valley, despite the fact that everyone benefited from their output and innovation. The success of Silicon Valley, however, just goes to show how much the geek subculture has become normalized and accepted. It’s perfectly reasonable, then, that the Pied Piper team would join the heroes of The Avengers and the zombies of The Walking Dead with a Funko Pop line of their own.

The five figurines in the collection will begin hitting stores sometime next month, just before the premiere of Silicon Valley’s fourth season later this spring on HBO.

Source: Funko

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