New Silent Hills P.T. Fan Remake Comes With VR Support

Silent Hills PT

A new fan remake of the Silent Hills P.T. demo supports VR play. The Silent Hill franchise found itself in something of a funk in 2012, with both video game Silent Hill: Downpour and movie sequel Silent Hill: Revelation failing to impress fans or critics. Konami turned to Hideo Kojima - the auteur behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise - to direct the next game, and Kojima soon brought his friend Guillermo del Toro (The Shape Of Water) onboard to get the series back on track.

This led to P.T. (Playable Teaser), a mysterious demo that appeared with little fanfare on the PlayStation Store. The demo takes place from a first-person perspective, as players find themselves navigating a loop of the same hallway and being stalked by a vengeful ghost. Upon completion, it's revealed the game is actually a teaser for Silent Hills, and P.T. has since been acclaimed as one of the finest horror titles of the last decade. Sadly, a vicious falling out between Konami and Kojima during the development of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain led to Silent Hills being suddenly cancelled, and P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store in 2015.

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Since then, numerous fans have remade P.T., with Konami shutting down one high-profile remake in July 2018. Now a new remake by fan RadiusGordello (via GameSpot) allows players to experience the game’s petrifying atmosphere through VR. Dubbed Unreal P.T., this recreation was built using the Unreal Engine and supports mouse and keyboard, in addition to VR motion controllers. Unreal P.T. is almost identical to the original, though it’s been modified to make beating the teaser a little easier and less reliant on chance.

Silent Hills PT gameplay

Silent Hills remains one of the biggest gaming heartbreaks of recent times. The once in a lifetime pairing of Kojima, del Toro and star Norman Reedus promised to be a bold reinvention of the iconic series, but it wasn’t to be. Fans can take some solace in the fact the three men are all collaborating on Kojima's next game Death Stranding. Publisher Konami has moved away from AAA games in recent years to focus on mobile gaming, which is easier to create and more profitable. Sadly, this also means their biggest franchises like Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania are currently on hold.

Silent Hill hasn’t had a new installment since 2012’s Downpour, and there’s no sign of movement on a new title. Castlevania is being kept alive due to the popularity of its anime adaptation on Netflix, but Konami’s lazy attempt to Metal Gear Solid going with 2018’s spin-off Survive was met with weak sales and reviews. The enduring popularity and influence of Silent Hills show there’s still a rabid fanbase for the series, but sadly, it will remain on ice for the foreseeable future.

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Source: RadiusGordello (via GameSpot)

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