Original Cast Members Will Return for 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D'

Last week, up-and-comers Adelaide Clemens (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) were announced as the leads in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - the long-gestating follow-up to Christophe Gans' 2006 adaptation of Konami's popular video game series.

Although the original Silent Hill received mixed reception from critics, many fans praised how meticulously Gans had translated the atmosphere of the games onto the big screen. There was talk that he might reunite with screenwriter Roger Avary for a sequel, but those plans never materialized and the project languished in development hell for several years.

Back in November, Silent Hill 2 was given a new lease on life when Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane) was brought on board to write and direct the film. It was also confirmed that the plot would borrow heavily from the third game in the series - an entry whose narrative was deeply intertwined with the events of the first game.

Despite several notable changes, the original Silent Hill stuck fairly close to the premise of that first game - which led many to wonder just how strong a connection Silent Hill: Revelation 3D would share with its predecessor. It looks like we have our answer...

Davis Films has just announced that Silent Hill cast members Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, and Deborah Kara Unger will reunite for the sequel - and it sounds like Bassett couldn't be happier to include them:

"It wouldn't be the same without some of the original Silent Hill cast. Sean, Radha and Deborah's return will certainly thrill fans of the franchise and compliment Revelations stars Adelaide and Kit."

Cinematographer Maxime Alexandre (The Crazies) adds that the technology being utilized for the film might make for a more harrowing experience than anything presented in the first film:

Radha Mitchell returns Silent Hill sequel
Radha Mitchell returns in 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D'

Speaking of devotees - did you notice that Bean's character is referred to as Harry and not Christopher? To me, details like that indicate that Bassett has done his homework and that he's carefully juggling the continuity established in the first film with the mythology of the games.

The above photo of Heather coming face to face with Rose also implies that the returning Silent Hill cast members won't simply appear in exposition-laden flashbacks (although Unger's presence makes it a pretty safe bet that there will probably be a few). I'm a fan of all three actors and can't wait to see how they factor into Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

Despite my familiarity with the video game series, I'm optimistic that Bassett will still be able to throw fans a few curve balls. To be honest, the third game was one of my least favorite entries in the series and I still think that a stand-alone follow-up might have been a better direction to go in - but I'll try and reserve judgment until we get a better look at how Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is shaping up.

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