'Silent Hill 3D: Revelation' Director Talks About Improving the Sequel

director Michael J. Bassett Silent Hill 3D Revelation

Last week it was confirmed that the long-gestating Silent Hill sequel - now titled Silent Hill 3D: Revelation - was finally moving forward and that Solomon Kane director Michael J. Bassett would be taking the reins.

It was also revealed that the film's main character would be Heather Mason, the protagonist of the Silent Hill 3 video game. While a direct adaptation of that particular entry into Konami's successful survival horror franchise is unlikely, the premise of Silent Hill 3D: Revelation is fairly similar: after being plagued with nightmares, a young woman is drawn to the eponymous town to uncover the truth about her father.

Although Bassett's involvement was only recently announced, it sounds like he's been involved with the project for quite some time. He recently took to his blog and indicated that the script for Silent Hill 3D: Revelation has already been finished:

"Finally, it’s been announced and I can say officially what I’ve been eager to share with you all for a little while now; I’ve written and am going to be directing the new Silent Hill movie."

While fans of the games remain divided in their opinions of the previous film, the one element that seems to be universally praised is the unique look of that movie. Director Christophe Gans perfectly captured the atmosphere and tone of the Silent Hill universe and Bassett promises that he doesn't intend to stray too far from what's already been established:

"I love the games and was a huge admirer of the first film. Especially how Christophe Gans and his team managed to capture the look and feel of the world. I say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so I’m bringing back as many of that core creative team as I can – but I’m probably going to bring just a little more darkness and fear into the mix as well. I love the complex mythology and psychological twists that Konami created so will do my best honour that aspect too."

Silent Hill 3D Revelation Heather character

Previous comments from producer Don Carmody had me worried that Silent Hill 3D: Revelation would be more of a reinvention than a true sequel, so Bassett's desire to bring back the same team is actually pretty encouraging. I like Gans' film quite a bit, but Roger Avary's script prevents me from being able to say that I loved it. Luckily, it sounds like Bassett was taking notes about what worked in that film, and what didn't:

"I’m determined to deliver a film that builds on the qualities of the first film and draws on the best aspects of the games whilst giving the audience more nuanced characters, a compelling story and introducing some terrifying new monsters (as well as bringing back a few favourites) and, most important of all… just scaring the s**t out of everyone."

I'm still just a bit nervous about another Silent Hill movie, but at the very least Bassett's heart seems to be in the right place. I'm not crazy about basing this new film on Silent Hill 3, but I do appreciate the desire to develop better defined characters and a more intriguing story. I did like Avary's explanation of why the town was abandoned, but I found his other changes to be far less effective than the source material. Here's hoping Bassett has a better take on it.

Expressing reverence for past films while promising something new is pretty much par for the course when any filmmaker takes on a sequel; however, I admit that I'm a little more receptive to the idea of Silent Hill 3D: Revelation than I was last week.  How about you?

Source: Michael J. Bassett's blog.

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