Silent Hill 2 (Possibly) Filming in 2010

Shock Til Ya Drop was recently on the set of the upcoming horror/action franchise sequel, Resident Evil: Afterlife, where they caught up with makeup effects designer Paul Jones, the guy responsible for creating the hellish world of the 2006 Silent Hill movie and will be (presumably) returning for the recently confirmed sequel, Silent Hill 2.

Jones had some nice (if not brief) tidbits to share about what Silent Hill 2 is shaping up to be, along with the mention that filming on the sequel could begin sometime next year. As somebody who's a fan of both the Silent Hill video game series AND the movie adaptation, color me excited.Here's what Jones had to say on the subject of Silent Hill 2:

"I was working on storyboards for that around the same time last year...It's going to be pretty crazy. There's a lot of cool stuff in there. Roger (Avary) has some awesome ideas and hopefully we're going to bring that to fruition sometime next year."

As we reported back in September, Roger Avary, the writer of Silent Hill has been confirmed to be writing the sequel, and producer Samuel Hadida will also be returning to produce once his duties with Resident Evil: Afterlife have wrapped. Still no word on wether or not Silent Hill director Christophe Gans will be returning to helm the sequel, or whether or not Radha Mitchell, star of the first film, will be returning either.

Personally, I'm still wondering if Silent Hill 2 is going to be a direct continuation of the first film, or a brand new vision whose only tie to the original is the shared setting and premise (the hell-gate town of Silent Hill). But I do like hearing Jones talk about the "cool" and "pretty crazy" stuff Avary has imagined for the sequel. Hearing words like that from a guy who spends his career creating horrifying creatures, about a film filled with horrifying creatures, is a pretty good endorsement for a creature-filled horror film, no? (See how that works?)

We'll keep you updated as more Silent Hill 2 news rolls in.

Source: Shock Til Ya Drop

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