Rumor Patrol: Sigourney Weaver Shakes Up Ghostbusters 3

You would think with Halloween over that the Ghostbusters 3 news would settle down, but with the release of Avatar, our favorite Cello-playing actress, Sigourney Weaver, is making her rounds. While in England, she decided to talk about Ghostbusters 3 and in turn confuse the entire world.

Sitting down with Channel 4, Weaver says,

“I’m afraid that it is happening. I hope that people are excited about that. I don’t know if I’ll be in it. I’ve gotten a couple of calls, “Will you read the script?” I know that my little son, Oscar… I think he’s grown up to become a Ghostbuster.”

“I think that Bill Murray might have a little more to do with it. I think he might be a ghost.”

Thankfully, one of my favorite Ghostbusters news sources, Proton Charging, has saved me all the trouble of digging through old interviews in order to debunk all this mess.

Let’s start with the fact that she hasn’t even read the script. Combine that with the fact that not one of the other main Ghostbusters (or rights-holders to the franchise) are on the same page about what’s going on.

Oh yeah, and then there’s this little quote from Weaver that she gave MTV over a year ago,

“I would hope that my little Oscar would be one of the Ghostbusters even if I’m not in it!”

I'm not saying she's wrong, I'm just saying it's more likely that she's behind around a year in her Ghostbusters news.

Now, on the Bill Murray as ghost nonsense.

Over four years ago (yes, four years ago) Harold Ramis was at the Austin Film Festival giving an interview, and as any questioning goes with someone that has had a nuclear accelerated strapped to their back (each pack's energy cell has a half-life of 5000 years), things turned to Ghostbusters and the aspect of Ghostbusters 3.

Here’s what Spengler said, (after trying to drill a hole in his head)

“Murray’s so cantankerous, you know. Dan called him and said, ‘Would you be in the movie?’ And he said, ‘I’ll be in the movie… but only as a ghost.’“

While I would never put down Sigourney Weaver (you're short, your bellybutton sticks out too far and you're a terrible burden on your poor mother) for what she’s said, this is just a case of her talking about what she knows and since Ghostbusters 3 news has been floating around since 1989, I can’t really blame her for not know what’s really going on. I don’t even know what’s going on and I don’t have a 1 billion dollar movie to promote.

Also, things can’t be easy for her after smelling like barbecued dog hair. (Oh Venkman. Oh Venkman, I’m sorry.)

After all this Ghostbusters talk, I’m in the mood to watch some paranormal exterminating. Now, I just have to choose which one of the 4 DVD versions of the movie to watch.

If you’re not in the Ghostbusters DVD collecting business, don’t worry as you can head over to and watch Ghostbusters for free. If that’s still not enough, head over to Proton Charging and Ghostbusters Fans for more spectral supplements.

If that’s still not enough, go to rehab because you clearly have a problem (and I haven’t even told you about the Twinkie yet).

Like always, we’ll bring you any Ghostbusters 3 news, rumors or debunking as they come.

Source: Ain’t it Cool News, Proton Charging, MTV and readers like you

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