Stranger Things' Shannon Purser Stars In Sierra Burgess Is A Loser Trailer

An official trailer has arrived for Sierra Burgess Is A Loser starring Shannon Purser, the actress best known for portraying Barb is season 1 of Stranger Things. Despite a limited amount of time on-screen, Purser made a huge impact in Netflix's hit homage to 80s cinema as the lovable Barbara Holland, a role that inspired the viral "Justice For Barb" campaign online. Since her stint in Hawkins, Purser has appeared in The CW's Riverdale and made her cinematic debut in Wish Upon, but her latest role sees the actress return to Netflix, the streaming service where she first came to prominence.

Loosely based on Edmond Rostand's play Cyrano de Bergerac, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser was written by Lindsey Beer, with Ian Samuels directing. The movie sees two high school girls, one on the top of the social pecking order and one firmly rooted to the bottom, join forces so that the latter can win over her love interest. Aside from Purser, who also lends her singing talents to an original song in the movie, Sierra Burgess' cast includes RJ Cyler (Power Rangers) and Back To The Future legend Lea Thompson.

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Netflix has now released an official trailer for Sierra Burgess Is A Loser ahead of its September 7th release date. The clip sees the titular Sierra unwittingly start Catfishing when her high school's alpha jock texts her by mistake, forcing her to enlist the help of Veronica, the girl he thinks Sierra is. The trailer establishes the movie firmly as a modern teenage romantic comedy that deals with issues of honesty, adolescence and relationships in the age of technology. As demonstrated in the trailer however, Burgess gets a little carried away in assuming the identity of her far more popular classmate.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser poster

Those familiar with Purser's work on Stranger Things may find the actress very much in familiar territory in Sierra Burgess as the high school girl who's as smart and kind as she is painfully awkward. It's certainly the kind of role that Purser has excelled in previously, proving she can get an audience on her side with relative ease. At least this time around, she won't have to worry about Demogorgons and the Upside Down, with a visit from Nev and Max a far more likely concern.

Unfortunately, the trailer does appear to give away quite a lot of plot progression. As well as establishing the premise of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser - popular girl helps unpopular girl win over a guy - the trailer makes it clear that, over time, Veronica comes to think of Sierra as a friend, rather than a nerd to torment in the hallway. Although many viewers would likely have predicted this would happen, it might have been nice to see it play out in the film itself, rather than the trailer.

Nevertheless, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser boasts an impressive cast and promises to deal with genuine teenage issues on the backdrop of a traditional romantic comedy and may well be worth a look for fans of the genre.

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Sierra Burgess Is A Loser premieres September 7th on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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