This Sideshow Wolverine Premium Format Figure Available for Pre-Order Tomorrow

Sideshow Collectibles is releasing a new premium figure of Wolverine in his classic X-Men suit that will be available for pre-order on Thursday. The iconic mutant hero has an uncertain cinematic future now that Hugh Jackman has delivered his final portrayal in James Mangold's Logan. Wolverine is also presumably not involved in any way with 2018's X-Men: Dark Phoenix, certainly not with Jackman. But the character remains no less popular, especially in light of Logan's huge success.

Despite Jackman creating the definitive Wolverine performance, the character is likely to be recast and rebooted at some point - even if producers haven't yet started talking about it. For now he will power on in the form of the classic comic book incarnation of Wolverine in his distinctive yellow and blue suit. Sideshow Collectibles has decided to honor the hero's original look with a figure that's as detailed as you'd expect from them.

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Check out photos of the new Wolverine figure below, via the Sideshow official website. It will be available for pre-order from 3-6 p.m. ET on Thursday, Dec. 7. The Exclusive Edition is selling for $570 and the Collector Edition will go for $550. The collectible is a lifelike rendering of Wolverine as he commonly appears in the X-Men comic books, posing with his claws drawn and ready to go berserk.

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This version of Wolverine is a polystone sculpture standing 20 inches tall, sporting sharp details in his suit, muscles, and head designs with extensive weathering effects. The figure comes with an alternate head piece with Wolverine's cowl pulled all the way back to reveal his face and hair. Sideshow bills the collectible as "the perfect companion piece" to a recently-announced premium Magneto figure that will be available for pre-order at a later date.

Die-hard collectors of Wolverine and X-Men items may be interested in getting their hands on one of these premium figures. With its size and incredible level of detail helping it stand out, it may be hard to find a more impressive-looking addition to your shelf than this for X-Men collectibles. Even once the role is recast, a move that Jackman supports, the striking look of this item can live forever.

The lifelike appearance of this figure almost feels like it makes a reboot of the character in his classic suit more possible. Especially if Disney ends up finalizing its acquisition of 21st Century Fox's film and TV divisions, Wolverine will almost certainly have another cinematic incarnation born after Logan. But until the future of Wolverine actually enters the discussion, one of the only new things fans can find is Sideshow's new collectible.

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