Exclusive First Look At Sideshow's New Mystique Figure

Sideshow has a new sneak-peak at an upcoming premium format figure of the wily and unpredictable X-Men mutant Mystique. While there’s just the barest of information at present, we’re able to at least figure out a few details by what we can see in Sideshow’s teaser image, and it looks to be a significant departure from the Mystique that film fans might be familiar with.

Comic fans, though? They’ll be quite familiar with what looks to be Mystique’s classic white double slit dress. For those more familiar with her through the X-Men movies - via Rebecca Romjin-Stamos and Jennifer Lawrence's depictions - this is a very different look for the character. The mutant assassin looks to be holding her two silenced pistols with matching leg holsters, but also seems to have lost her classic belt of skulls from the dress in her early comic appearances. (What’s up with those skulls, anyway?)

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Sideshow has shared this image exclusively with Screen Rant, along with their launch of a pre-orders reservation page (HERE) with an RSVP list signup. People who saw their “Inside Look: XMEN Collection” video from earlier this month can probably piece together that the Mystique reveal looks like one of the silhouettes hidden near the end, hinting at upcoming collectibles in the series. Take a look:

It’s a promising new item for Sideshow, considering that their previous Mystique offerings have been rather slim, relegated to possibly only two pieces in past collections: one Comiquette statue with the character in the white dress (with skulls) and a Premium Format Figure clad in black leather.

Raven Darkhölme aka Mystique is a mutant with the power to transform her physical appearance completely, an ability which also might relate to her constant changing of sides. At times an assassin, a protector, and even once a secret operative for Professor X, Mystique has usually put her own needs above others, although she was once in charge of a version of the supervillain team The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She’s a character who usually treads on the wrong side of right, and there remains very little information known about her actual origin and true allegiances.

Sideshow Collectibles started off in the '90s, and their Premium Format Figure line showcases top-shelf hand-painted creations with remarkably realistic sculpting and details. Many of these figures tend to sell out, so those interested in the new Mystique offering should try and secure a place in the RSVP list or be left behind once the figure goes on sale.

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