Get Ready For Collect-A-Day May With Sideshow on Instagram!

Sideshow Collectibles announces Collect-A-Day May, a themed month of giveaways planned celebrating collectors. Here's how to play along!

May 2017 is around the corner kicking off the summer blockbuster season with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But that's just the beginning. Every single day in May our friends at Sideshow Collectibles are giving away prizes. Every. Single. Day. It's Collect-A-Day May!

Whether you're new to the festivities or a returning player, here are some things you need to know about the event.Every day has a different theme to it, detailed in our handy Collect-A-Day May Calendar. This means 31 giveaways in 31 days, with 31 chances to win!

To enter, be sure to follow @sideshowcollectibles on Instagram, and post a fun picture that fits the daily theme.Then, be sure to tag @sideshowcollectibles and #CollectADayMay in your caption.

The whole event kicks off when the clock strikes midnight on May 1st. Each contest ends at 11:59pm PST that day, and the next theme begins at 12:00am PST. Be sure to get creative with your entries! Using Sideshow figures is not a requirement.

Sideshow will announce a daily winner whose image captures the spirit of the theme to win a prize that also fits the theme! If you are chosen as a winner, you have 24 hours from the announcement to contact, or your prize will be forfeit.

The Collect-a-Day May 2017 Calendar

Take a look at the calendar and start thinking of fun ways to show your stuff. May 1st is #SHELFIE day, so looking at your collection might be a good way to get ideas...

  • May 1: #Shelfie
  • May 2: With a pet
  • May 3: It's not easy being green
  • May 4: May the 4th Be With You
  • May 5: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • May 6: Free Comic Book Day
  • May 7: With a kid
  • May 8: #MCM
  • May 9: Trooper Tuesday
  • May 10: Day of DC
  • May 11: Up a Tree
  • May 12: Fright Day
  • May 13: Sixth Scale Saturday
  • May 14: Mother's Day
  • May 15: Marvel Monday
  • May 16: Evil Twin Tuesday
  • May 17: #WCW
  • May 18: Thorsday
  • May 19: Alien Covenant
  • May 20: Star Wars Saturday
  • May 21: Statue Sunday
  • May 22: Multiverse Monday
  • May 23: Cult Classics
  • May 24: I am the night
  • May 25: #TBT
  • May 26: What the Friday
  • May 27: Caturday
  • May 28: #SquadGoals
  • May 29: Captain America
  • May 30: Light Side/Dark Side
  • May 31: Wonder Woman Wednesday

Have fun! We're so excited to see what you come up with!!!

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