Sideshow Unveils New Han Solo Premium Figure

Sideshow Collectibles is adding to their already prolific line of Star Wars figures with a new premium format figure of the one and only Han Solo. Ever since A New Hope became a phenomenon in 1977, the franchise has been much more than a film series, becoming a merchandising juggernaut. There is a bevy of tie-in materials for fans of all ages to buy, ranging from Hasbro action figures to items that are more for display. In the latter category, Sideshow is a premier company and is known for their extremely realistic creations that look like they were pulled right from the movies.

With Lucasfilm releasing a new Star Wars film every year, Sideshow will have plenty of opportunities to commemorate all the fresh faces joining the series, but for now they're going back to the past. Han Solo is without question one of the most popular characters in a galaxy far, far away, meaning anything featuring the scoundrel is going to be in high demand. With May the 4th right around the corner, the timing couldn't be more perfect for the Millennium Falcon pilot to get another high-quality Sideshow figure.

Sideshow released details about it on their website today, revealing that it will be available for pre-orders on May 4 between 9 am and noon Pacific time. Those interested can also enter a giveaway to try to win the figure, which is as easy as typing in your name and email address. The figure costs $549.99, which is a pretty penny, but the collectible seems to be worth the money. You can see images of it in the gallery below:

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Given how passionate people are about Star Wars, it should come as no surprise Sideshow went the extra mile to ensure this new Han Solo was as movie accurate as possible. They worked tirelessly to nail everything from Harrison Ford's likeness to the wardrobe, and everything in between. No detail was overlooked, as the artists went so far to weather Solo's belt, get every aspect of his jacket down pat, and embroider the red stripe down his pant leg. The figure also comes with a Millennium Falcon base that's similar to Sideshow's Chewbacca premium format figure, so the dynamic duo can be paired together forever in display cases everywhere. Additionally, the Sideshow exclusive comes with a swap-out hand holding Han's blaster. It was a team effort, and it looks great.

Fans have very high expectations for each new Sideshow product, and it looks like they didn't disappoint with this latest addition to their line-up. Even if one already owns a Han Solo piece, it may be hard to resist the temptation to pick up the premium version. With all the care Sideshow put into making it, every collector is going to want to have one for themselves so they can proudly place it on their shelf.

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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