Shyamalan's The Village: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

This could be nothing, but we know how things have to be blown out of proportion in order to be classified as "news," so...

It seems that M. Night Shyamalan has gathered together the main actors from his upcoming film The Village for some re-shoots. Of course this could be minor stuff, but the buzz is that due to the fact that the ending to the movie was leaked months ago, he wants to change it.

I really hate to give any kind of credence to the fact that Harry Knowles (of has pull in Hollywood, but he did lambast the ending to Shyamalan's film a while back. Could it be that the director re-thought the ending after hearing of Knowles' reaction? Or is it just a case of Shyamalan wanting his trademark surprise twist ending to remain a surprise for opening weekend?


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