Shyamalan's New Poster And Cheesy Tagline For The Happening

It seems to me that each subsequent M. Night Shyamalan film has gotten progressively worse. The guy is probably just a victim of his own success... after all while we all like the idea of starting out on top of the world, the problem is that there's nowhere to go but down from there.

Hey started out amazingly with The Sixth Sense and followed up with Unbreakable, which really split people down the middle (personally I loved the concept but wanted more at the end). But after that came Signs (a movie about aliens that are deathly afraid of water trying to invade Earth, which is 2/3 covered in the stuff), and then The Village, another split opinion movie.

But to me Lady in the Water was the worst of the bunch. Not only did I not like the movie with it's weird cast of characters, but (and you may call this minor but to me it's inexcusable) there must have been more than half a dozen scenes where the boom microphone dropped into the frame, bobbing around as if it was an intentional joke. The audience actually laughed as it became a regular occurrence throughout the film.

So now we have a new movie with an apocalyptic them: The Happening. He seems to crank out a new film every two years so I suppose we're due. Here's the poster:

I've gotta tell ya, the inclusion of eye-roll inducing taglines referring to his previous films does not start this off on the right foot for me:

We've Sensed It.

We've Seen The Signs.

Now... It's Happening.

Are they kidding? Yeesh. Why not just go all out?

We've Sensed It.

Can It Be Broken?

We've Seen The Signs.

Now... It's Happening.

Not In Just A Village, But Everywhere.

And Only One Lady Can Stop It.

If you're going to do it, go big.

The Happening open on June 13, 2008

Source: Coming Soon via First Showing

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