M. Night Shyamalan Teases Glass 'Surprise' At SDCC 2018

M. Night Shyamalan confirms that he and his Glass cast will be attending San Diego Comic-Con 2018, possibly with a trailer in tow.

M. Night Shyamalan has confirmed that he and the cast of Glass will be hosting a panel for the film at next month's San Diego Comic-Con. Glass will serve as the third chapter in the filmmaker's comic book-inspired trilogy that began 18 years ago with Unbreakable and (unexpectedly) continued with last year's Split. Unbreakable stars Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis are reprising their roles as Elijah Prince and David Dunn in Shyamalan's new film, along with Split's James McAvoy as Kevin Crumb.

Blumhouse Productions debuted the first Glass trailer footage back at CinemaCon in April. The short clip revealed that Shyamalan's sequel picks up with Elijah, David, and Kevin having all been either imprisoned and/or committed over their claims that they have super-powers. American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson joins the trio in the film as the psychiatrist tasked with trying to understand who these mysterious (super-)men are. Needless to say, that doesn't work out and eventually all three break out of their "prison", setting them on a collision course in the real world.

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It was reported just last week that Blumhouse is planning to bring both Glass and its Halloween sequel/reboot to SDCC this year. Shyamalan has now made the news official and confirmed that he will be present for Glass' Hall H panel on Friday, July 20, via a post to his Twitter account (see the screenshot included below). The filmmaker further unveiled the Glass teaser poster and teased a "surprise" at the SDCC panel, which almost certainly refers to the first Glass trailer.

Shyamalan also mentioned that the Glass cast will accompany him at the film's SDCC panel. It stands to reason that Willis, Jackson, McAvoy, and Paulson will all be joining him in Hall H, along with Anya Taylor-Joy (who is reprising her Split character, Casey Cooke, in Glass). All five performers have bonafides when it comes to geeky pop culture of both the comic book-based and/or suspense/thriller variety, so one imagines the Glass panel will end up being one of the more popular movie panels at this year's 'Con.

For Shyamalan, the return to SDCC is fitting since that's where he started his comeback tour three years ago. The filmmaker screened his horror/thriller pseudo-documentary The Visit at the event back in 2015 and started generating positive buzz for the film, ahead of its premiere in theaters. Split's enthusiastic reception only further cemented Shyamalan's return to form, even before it became common knowledge that the film is an Unbreakable sequel in disguise that sets the stage for Glass. As such, the director's latest visit to San Diego will be all the more anticipated for it.

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