Shuri Fixes Vision in Avengers: Infinity War Clip

A new clip from Avengers: Infinity War previews a scene with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), Vision (Paul Bettany), and Shuri (Letitia Wright). Fans get to see Shuri showing off her science skills while repairing Vision. In the background are Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Captain America (Chris Evans).

The biggest superhero team-movie of all-time will hit theaters in just over a week. While cast and crew are busy promoting the film, new TV spots are constantly airing to hype up the movie's release. As the culmination of ten years of storytelling, Infinity War will bring together the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Black Panther to stop the Mad Titan, Thanos, and his Black Order from gathering all six Infinity Stones and assembling the Infinity Gauntlet.

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During an interview with Letitia Wright on Good Morning America, a clip from Avengers: Infinity War was released. The clip begins at the 4:17 mark in the video above. Taking place in Wakanda, the scene shows Shuri running a scan on Vision. Also standing over Vision is Bruce Banner. Shuri makes a discovery about the structure of Vision's molecules and makes a suggestion that surprises Banner. When Shuri asks why they didn't "reprogram the synapses to work collectively", Banner simply replies, "because we didn't think of it". The clip ends with Shuri assuring Banner that they did their best.

Cap brings Vision to Wakanda because he knows that Vision's life is in danger, as his existence is "in conflict with Thanos' goals". Since the Mind Stone is still in his head, we can assume that the scene takes place before Thanos removes it. Based on the clip, Shuri could be the person with the best chance of helping him.

Fans will be interested to see more of Shuri's interactions with the Avengers, particularly felllow scientists like Banner. As someone who's supposedly smarter than Tony Stark, it may not come as a surprise to fans that Shuri is able to teach Banner a few things about science. According to Wright, Shuri will be willing to learn from the Avengers but will also "challenge" them with new ideas and designs from Wakanda.

Shuri, along other with other Black Panther characters, are expected to have key roles in Infinity War, based on what we've seen and heard from trailers, concept art, and interviews. We already know that we'll see "much more" of Shuri in future movies. Infinity War will be the film that introduces Shuri to the rest of the MCU.

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Source: Good Morning America

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