5 Reasons Why We Want Shuri to Become Ironheart In The MCU (And 5 Reasons Why It Should Be Riri)

You’ve likely heard the news by now: Robert Downey Jr., the man who brought Iron Man to life, has expressed an interest in seeing Ironheart take to the big screen. It’s sweet to see him caring so much about the future of the MCU, even if not all fans are in agreement about this character.

But here’s the thing; there are a few different directions they could go with Ironheart’s character. They could stay true to the comics, and have her be Riri Williams. Or they could blend her with another character – one who is already in a decent position to pick up the mantle. We are, of course, talking about Shuri.

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10 Why Shuri Should Be Ironheart: She’s Already Established in the MCU

One of the simplest ways to bring Ironheart into the MCU would be to merge her with an existing character. We’ve seen Marvel make combinations like this in the past. We’ve also seen more than a few hints that they’re going to do it again (for example; Hawkeye’s daughter/Kate Bishop).

Having a character pick up the mantle would allow Marvel to skip the origin story, and head right towards some of what makes Ironheart shine. And there’s only one that fits the bill: Shuri. We’ll cover all the reasons why she’s a good fit later though. Promise!

9 Why Riri Should Be Ironheart: It Would Stay True to the Comics

The best way to tell the story of Ironheart is to, well, actually tell the story! And that means telling Riri’s story. Her origin, how she ended up with the suit, the works. This would obviously be more loyal to the comics (though we’d expect MCU to make some alterations, as they’ve been doing with every other hero out there), and thus should make the fans of her comics ecstatic.

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Ironheart could either be integrated through one of the many team-up movies (any of the Avengers movies, for example). That worked well for Hawkeye and Black Widow. Or she could hold her own in a movie dedicated just to her. It would really be a matter of how much time the MCU wanted to invest in her character.

8 Why Shuri Should Be Ironheart: She’s A Tech Prodigy

Shuri is absolutely brilliant when it comes to tech. And that applies to both her comic and MCU versions. She’s a prodigy when you come right down to it. And there’s no wonder that Wakanda has been relying on her to create their vibranium tech for years. Even if it does go against tradition.

Since the Ironheart suit is one that was built from scratch by its wearer…it makes sense that Shuri could step into this role. She’s more than capable of creating a suit like that. And hers would probably include vibranium too which when combined with Tony's research, can easily make it the most powerful Iron suit ever built.

7 Why Riri Should Be Ironheart: She’s A Tech Prodigy

Invincible Iron Man Ironheart Comic

Riri is also a tech prodigy in her own right. After all, she literally built the Ironheart suit in her garage. No joke. The only thing it was missing was an A.I. to help run the tech. That’s extremely impressive.

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Having more characters like this in the MCU would be a great example for girls (and boys) everywhere. They’d see this girl build herself into something great, and all because she was stubborn, determined, and bright enough to make it work.

6 Why Shuri Should Be Ironheart: People Love Her

Let’s face it; the fans love Shuri. And there are so many good reasons for that! She’s a great character, supported by an even better actress. Now, keeping all of that in mind, can you imagine how thriller her fans would be if Shuri became a bigger part of the MCU?

Honestly, most of us would probably take that no matter what. Be it Ironheart or some other larger role they came up with.

5 Why Riri Should Be Ironheart: The MCU Needs Fresh Faces

Iron Man Riri Williams is called Ironheart

Thanks to the conclusion of Endgame, it has become clear that Marvel is searching for new heroes to bring into the MCU. We’ve been hearing some rumblings about who they’re considering. That’s the reason why Robert Downey Jr. brought it up, after all.

Bringing a newer and younger hero like Riri into the mix would have a lot of benefits. For one thing, she could easily join the Avengers, or one of the other teams we’ve seen her join (Young Avengers, Champions). Which would then open the doorway for other heroes to join the MCU. It sounds perfect for the MCU’s stage 4 or later.

4 Why Shuri Should Be Ironheart: She Could Get Her Own Movie

Shuri Avengers Endgame Missing

Back to the fact that Shuri is an incredibly popular character; having her become Ironheart would mean that she’d potentially get her own movie. How amazing does that sound?

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Admittedly it would be one of the Rfirst times a headlining character was also one that had some character mashup happening, but we think it could work.And her fans would probably love the chance to see more of her. Let’s not forget that part. And really, it’s all for the fans in the end, isn’t it?

3 Why Riri Should Be Ironheart: She Has A Dynamic Background

Riri Williams aka Ironheart from Marvel Comics

Riri’s backstory is one of the most heartbreaking things about her character. Diagnosed as a super genius at just five years old, Williams was leagues above her peers at a young age at the same time suffering through losing her step-father and child hood friend because of a drive by shooting. It’s also what makes her so strong and relatable. If we’re going to see Ironheart done right, it’d be nice to see her entire background included as well.

Her story proves to us that people can keep carrying on, even when it feels like we’ll break if we try. She went through so much and is still finding ways to make the world better for everyone else. So that they don’t have to go through what she survived. It’s beautiful and so incredibly inspiring. And it should absolutely become part of the MCU.

2 Why Shuri Should Be Ironheart: Letitia Wright Is Amazing

Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther

If anybody can pull off blending two important characters together, it’s Letitia Wright. There’s no doubt that she has the skills to bring Shuri and Ironheart together into one amazing character.

She’s proven that she’s strong when it comes to being a supporting character. Now let’s give her a chance to be the main character in her own series.

1 Why Riri Should Be Ironheart: Her Supporting Characters

10 Characters That Can Come From Marvel's Multiverse

There are a lot of reasons to hope that Riri Williams will make her way into the MCU. And one of those reasons is her supporting characters. Riri is surrounded by amazing people. Her mother, her neighbors and friends, and even her fellow students. There are so many people that enrich her life. And so many people that give her a reason to care and keep moving forward.

These characters may not be the center of attention, but they do help to make her world feel more real and alive. Ironheart very well might not be the same without those characters.

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