'You'll See Much More' of Shuri In Future Marvel Movies

Marvel Studios is already planning to bring back Black Panther's Shuri many more times. As excited as people were to see more of Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa in his solo movie, the response to film largely continues to focus on the cast around him. Audiences quickly fell for Okoye (Dania Gurira), Nakia (Lupita Nyong'o), and M'Baku (Winston Duke), but the true star turned out to be Wakanda's princess and brilliant scientist Shuri (Letitia Wright).

Shuri's mixture of humor and smarts immediately pulled people in, and left most wanting to see much more. The wait for more Shuri won't be too long as she's set to appear in Avengers: Infinity War (and possibly Avengers 4 too). She'll also surely be back for Black Panther 2, but that won't be the last time she pops up.

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Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige spoke to EW about what the future of the MCU holds, but specifically the options that Black Panther opened up. People are now asking for spinoffs in every direction, with a Shuri movie being at the top of the list. Feige wouldn't go as far as to say that is happening, but they're certainly open to the idea of spinoff films. But, it doesn't sound like we have to worry about Shuri being underutilized.

I think there’s lots of potential. It’s a balance between leaving people wanting more and then giving them too much, but I would watch a movie about any of those characters you just named. I think Shuri’s astounding, and you’ll see much more of her in our universe. Okoye, I think I’d watch three action films just Okoye. I’m not saying we’re doing that, but I’m saying that we’re intrigued by them. Frankly, as I’ve said before, finishing these first 22 movies is really all we’re thinking about at this point.

While we certainly don't know what the chances are of Shuri getting a solo movie at this point, Black Panther did lay the foundation for a spinoff or two. Marvel could very well spin Shuri off to do her own thing now that she's helping lead Wakanda's outreach program. Such a film could see Shuri adapt to life outside of Wakanda, helping those in need (maybe with Nakia close by), and just having a great time. It'd even be a great way to introduce other young female characters (like Riri Williams or Lunella Lafayette). Wright's even expressed interest in leading her own movie.

If Shuri doesn't get a spinoff movie, there's still plenty of opportunity for her in Black Panther sequels. She eventually becomes Black Panther in the comics and rules Wakanda, and since Wright is still in her early 20s, there's plenty of time for her to grow into such a role. While they wait to possibly adapt that story, she can still use her brain to help keep her brother and country safe, plus train more for combat if she has ambitions of being a hero too. They could also put her in other MCU movies, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming's sequel. There's options out there for Marvel, and thankfully we'll still get to see her again soon as they further map out Shuri's MCU future.

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Source: EW

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