10 Perfect Gifts For The Shrek Fan In Your Life

We hope you like the items we recommend! Screen Rant has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.When it comes to characters famous on the internet, no one has reached the levels of popularity like Shrek. While seemingly a harmless movie character from Dreamworks, Shrek has become a well-respected member of the online community. Despite there being no new Shrek films since Shrek: Forever After, there are still plenty of fans around the world.

With the sheer number of Shrek fans in the world, you might be wondering what sorts of things they would like. Journey back to the magical world of the Shrek franchise with our gift guide and see all the great things that came from those films.

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Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and Shrek: Forever After. This is the entire Shrek saga, and it's all contained in a single package with the Shrek 4-movie collection. Watch the entertaining story from start to finish as Shrek goes from undesirable outcast to the King of Far Far Away.

Meet the crazy cast of the Shrek films as well, including the tough Princess Fiona, the goofy and lovably annoying Donkey, and even the suave Puss in Boots. These movies take viewers on a magical ride and were the whole reason that Shrek became the internet icon that he is today.


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Funko Pop! figures are everywhere. If it has a movie, game, or TV show, then there's probably a Funko Pop! figure for it. As such, it only makes sense that the Shrek franchise would get its own Funko Pop! figures as well.

Of them all, Shrek seems to be the hardest to find (hard to imagine why). Still, getting one is not impossible. The Shrek Funko Pop! is a cute figure that takes the gruff but lovable ogre and turns him into a cutesy bobblehead. It would make for a nice addition to any Shrek collection or just a neat display item.


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Puss in Boots was a character introduced in Shrek 2. Originally hired to take out Shrek, it wasn't long before he became an ally to the ogre and helped him stop the Fairy Godmother from taking over Far Far Away. Puss in Boots is an outlaw who takes himself very seriously at times.

With him being such an important cast member, it's only natural that he would get his own Funko Pop! figure. The figure features his feathered hat, boots, and sword. The pattern of his fur and the details on his outfit are all accurate. It's cheaper than some of the other Shrek Funko Pop! figures too.


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Travel around a whimsical board and purchase fantastical locations in Monopoly: Shrek Collector's Edition. Players will purchase famous locations from the Shrek franchise just the same as any other Monopoly game.

The board itself features artwork and renders from the films, giving it a more authentic feel. Players can choose from six characters: Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, or Gingy. This version of Monopoly also comes with a ruleset for a faster playtime, making it great to play with younger people as well. This Monopoly is hard to find, so jump on it while it's still available.


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Operation is the classic board game where players have to remove anomalies in a person's body without touching the sides and harming them in the process. Operation: Shrek Edition is essentially the same thing, but players will be removing all sorts of gross objects from Shrek's body instead of a generic man.

If players touch the sides while they're removing objects, then a buzzer will sound and Shrek's nose will light up, indicating that he was harmed in the process. It's a fun twist on a classic game that's sure to leave Shrek fans satisfied and ready for more rounds.


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After the Shrek movies were finished, Dreamworks put together a spin-off starring Puss in Boots. The movie, aptly titled Puss in Boots, featured Puss going on an adventure to find the golden eggs. Along the way, he was to work with the mysterious Kitty Softpaws as well as his old friend and rival, Humpty Dumpty.

Not only do we get to see how Puss in Boots became the vicious warrior we know him as in present day, but we also get more of his life in general. It's fun to see Puss start out as a kitten who didn't talk very much.


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Shrek, instead of creating an entirely original soundtrack, had a mix of unique themes and popular songs. However, this eclectic blend worked, leading to a soundtrack that was memorable and enjoyable. There are several songs that became popular specifically because of their appearance in Shrek.

Fans of the movie and character are bound to appreciate the soundtrack, which is why it would make for a great gift. They can listen to iconic hits like "All-Star" or settle down with slower beats like "Hallelujah". All these songs will just evoke memories of watching the movie, which is sure to make it even greater.


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What some people don't know is that, while Shrek was a way of making fun of fairytales, it had its own origin as a children's book as well. Shrek! by William Steig tells the story of the ugly ogre known as Shrek.

No one seemed to want him, so he went out on a quest to find the ugliest princess imaginable so that he could have his own happy ever after. It's a children's book that is simple to read, but having the origin of everyone's favorite internet meme is sure to be a reason for some people to want it. It helps that the book is a cute read.


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You might think that this mug is just an ordinary mug with a render of Shrek on it. You'd be sorely mistaken. While it does have a render of Shrek on the side, you'll notice that there's a host of text over it.

This text contains the entire script for the first Shrek movie. Not only is this exactly the kind of thing that Shrek fans would love, but it makes for a downright hilarious gift. Tons of people will ask what the meaning of the mug is, only for owners to explain it. It is a bit of a meme gift, but it's too funny not to consider.


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The first time we see Shrek, he busts out of his outhouse during the opening lines for Smash Mouth's "All Star" song. That moment has become iconic to animated movies and is often referenced on the internet.

This t-shirt takes that moment and puts it front and center. It features the scene of Shrek bursting through the door with "Somebody Once Told Me" around it in big, green letters. Shrek fans are bound to appreciate and wear this shirt to show off their love for the character and the song. The shirt is also bound to spark numerous conversations in public.

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We hope you like the items we recommend! Screen Rant has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

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