Showtime to Offer Pay Streaming Service in 2015 - Will it Succeed?

Showtime Anytime

After HBO’s announcement that next year it would begin offering its services to consumers directly - with or without a cable subscription - many began wondering when other premium channels such as Showtime would follow suit. Well apparently we now have an answer, if CBS’ Les Moonves is to be believed.

Networks are looking for ways to go direct-to-consumers and avoid "bundling” channels together with additional options no one actually wants for the sake of lofty cable subscriptions. Making high-profile premium-networks free of  that old model is going to begin a movement that could go many different directions.

CBS Corporation’s been making a major push over the last month into the direct-to-consumer game, with offerings that include a $5/month subscription to all of CBS’s content both past and present, as well as a live stream of multiple high-profile local affiliates. That's in addition to a recently announced plan to launch a CBS News feed that would provide customers with similar services to that of CNN’s current model.

Aware of those facts, many knew it wouldn’t be long before the company began offering its underrated pay-TV juggernaut, Showtime, over-the-top. During a conference call, CBS Corporation president Les Moonves apparently confirmed as much, as reported by CNBC’s Julia Boorstin:

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