10 TV Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

South Park has been a staple of adult animated television for an astonishing 22 seasons, with almost 300 episodes since it premiered in 1997. However, if you are one of those hardcore fans who have seen every episode of the raunchy cartoon and want something more, there are some great options out there for anyone trying to find a new series to watch.

While South Park has a reputation for foul language and adult situations, there is so much more to it than that. The pop culture references are almost always topical and spot-on, and the satire is clever enough to offset the gross-out gags with smart commentary on social and political issues. For anyone looking for a show in the vein of South Park, with the adult humor added in, here are some perfect options to binge.

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10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park
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10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

When someone thinks of a show about anthropomorphic animals in cartoons, silly hijinks or toddler-inspired shows come to mind. However, in the Netflix original animated series BoJack Horsemen, that is the exact opposite of what fans received from this adult cartoon.

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BoJack Horsemen is a former sitcom star from the '90s who is no longer in demand and suffers from depression issues. The first season had a storyline surrounding him trying to get his autobiography written with hopes of a career comeback. Honestly, this show is a lot more melancholy than a South Park fan might expect, but it is just as smart and witty.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

A perfect fit for anyone who loves the adult humor of South Park but wants something witty and intelligent to supplement it should head over the Netflix and start binge-watching Big Mouth right now. Anyone who has ever gone through puberty -- and still remember what it was like -- should relate to this show by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg.

The movie follows some seventh graders as they start to experience puberty. Their emotions are portrayed as Hormone Monsters who give them advice -- that is usually terrible advice and gets them in trouble more often than not. There have been two seasons so far, and this might be the best adult animated series on television today.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

When it comes to smart cartoons, it doesn't get much more intelligent than Rick and Morty. This Adult Swim series features a mad scientist named Rick Sanchez, who comes up with the craziest inventions imaginable and then takes his grandson Morty on adventures with him.

These adventures include traveling to other dimensions, battling monsters and evil doppelgangers, and getting into all sort of serious trouble no matter how many times Morty's dad disapproves of it. There have only been three seasons so far stretched out over six years, but more is coming in rapid-fire procession later this year.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

The obvious choice when asking what a South Park fan might like is Family Guy, although the two shows are drastically different. South Park is a little more R-rated than Family Guy, which keeps things a bit risque but still tame for network television. Both shows like their pop culture references, albeit in different manners.

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While South Park likes to parody current events, Family Guy likes to call back memories of just about anything and everything from the last 50 years of entertainment. However, both animated series shows a complete irreverence towards whatever is popular right now and does it with style.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

Believe it or not, Beavis and Butt-Head took the air on MTV four years after The Simpsons premiered on Fox. Yet, The Simpsons remain on television with new seasons arriving while the two wise-cracking rock-loving teenage delinquents have been off the air for over 20 years.

The show seemed simple, with Beavis and Butt-Head watching MTV music videos and making fun of them while cracking jokes the entire episode. Sometimes, they would go to school or pick on their Winger loving neighbor, and they even got a movie. South Park owes a lot of their kid's attitudes to this Mike Judge cartoon.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

When comparing any animated cartoon, The Simpsons will always be one of the first mentioned. While not necessarily an adult cartoon, it is meant for an older audience and had some great humor and fantastic stories in its early seasons.

The one thing that South Park always did was take the present day's issues and hot topics and then just skewer them. What The Simpsons did was different, as it was almost like a real sitcom but animated. Despite that, it still took social issues and brilliantly mocked them as only the best satire can.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

Possibly a not as obvious choice, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law was an Adult Swim cartoon that never should have succeeded but did on massive levels. Much like Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, the Harvey Birdman cartoon took a classic Hanna Barbera cartoon and brought him to present day in a very different format.

Instead of a superhero, Birdman was now an attorney, and he represented other Hanna Barbera cartoon characters who were getting into all kind of trouble. From Scooby-Doo to Boo-Boo Bear, Harvey was there to represent them all. For fans who love the satire of famous characters, Harvey Birdman did it masterfully.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

Fans who love the irreverent humor and sly jokes from South Park will find a ton to love about Archer. Airing on FX, the series follows a secret agent named Sterling Archer who works for his mother and sets out to solve the world's problems while getting really drunk and sleeping with as many women as possible.

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The surrounding cast is just as brilliant with every archetype imaginable taken to the extreme. What adds to the enjoyment level is that starting in season 8, Archer gave up on trying to be one show and recreated it for the next three seasons taking the familiar characters and putting them into a completely different genre.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

Bob's Burgers was a surprise success, debuting on Fox but as different from The Simpsons and Family Guy as it can be. Loren Bouchard (Home Movies) created this show about a couple that owns a restaurant and their three kids.

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What was impressive was that, after a first season that received lackluster reviews, it found its groove in subsequent seasons and is one of the smartest animated shows on TV. The show is full of highlights, and if South Park fans haven't given it a chance yet, they are missing out on something special. The series has reached nine seasons.


10 Shows To Watch If You Like South Park

The Boondocks is like South Park, as the two shows are as different from most TV shows as you can get. However, anyone who watches South Park for its topical humor and approach to real-world situations and social problems over its reliance on raunchy gags, there is a lot more to love in The Boondocks.

Based on the comic strip by Aaron McGruder, The Boondocks tells the story of a black family moving into a predominantly white suburb. It specifically follows the kids as they try to survive the mix of cultures, social classes, stereotypes, and racial identities in their new lives.

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