10 Shows To Watch If You Like The 100

The 100 has been running for more than five years and has been renewed for a seventh series, ensuring fans get to stay on the ride for a complete story. Shows from the science fiction fantasy genre, however, don’t have that long lives on-air, and The 100 won’t be on forever.

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For you to be prepared for when the show’s over, you should branch out and discover similar stories to expand your fandom list. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of 10 shows that will make you feel at home, but also deliver quality variations in the genre you love.

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10 The Walking Dead

As far as post-apocalyptic shows go, The Walking Dead is at the top of the echelon – no other series comes close to it. This is why it should be your first stop when searching for another story featuring a group of survivors in a world that’s out to kill them.

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The Walking Dead has been on-air for a decade, and in that time the show has transformed completely. Remember, never get attached to a character here, as there are only two regular cast members from the first season remaining, and no one from the premiere episode. It’s an incredible watch to see how not only zombies spell civilization’s doom, but how the apocalypse has brought out the worst in mankind.

9 The Leftovers

Fans of The 100 will be familiar with content that is aimed toward younger audiences, but we all have to grow up sometime, and The Leftovers is such a show for those prepared to have an experience that is mature in content.

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The premise involves the sudden disappearance of 2% of the population in the world; an event called the Departure, and the fallout that this rapture-like event has caused. The Leftovers doesn’t paint a friendlier picture than usual apocalyptic shows geared toward young fanbases, and makes full use of its cable freedom. It’s the show for you to learn what it probably will be like should something like this really happen.

8 Terra Nova

terra nova cast

In what is quite possibly the closest show in terms of premise you’ll find for The 100, Terra Nova features a story that has humans from 2149 travel to a parallel universe Earth that resembles the Cretaceous period. They do so because the Earth in the future has been ravaged by overpopulation crises and air pollution.

Unlike The 100, the show features a family as the main protagonists, with the rest of the colony attempting to adjust into the society, while battling another group who have sights on the natural resources of this Earth in order to sell it in the future. It only had one season, but Terra Nova is worth a go to have a fresh perspective of post-apocalyptic material.

7 Manifest

Manifest Cast

A flight scheduled from Jamaica to New York experiences a case of extreme turbulence, but manages to land in its intended destination. The twist here is that the flight was evidently missing for five-and-a-half years without the passengers ever knowing.

The series focuses on the survivors struggling to re-integrate into a society that has changed significantly during their absence, while also dealing with visions of what is to come in the future. Manifest has a highly intriguing premise, one that deals with dramatic fallout from the plot, while retaining aspects of the science fiction genre as well. The show has only just completed its first season, which means it’s an excellent time to start following it.

6 The Last Ship

The Last Ship renewed for season 3

It’s good to have a setting that not only acknowledges the post-apocalyptic nature of the genre, but also has a certain level of hope attached to it. The Last Ship can claim to be such a show, as it follows literally a last US Navy ship that is humanity’s hope to find the cure to a virus that has wiped out 80% of the population.

You could call it an adult version of The 100, since the show has a similar style, but focuses on a group of adults – mainly Navy Officers. It ran for four years, during which it had enough quality material for you to go and binge-watch the series.

5 Supernatural

Supernatural Season 11 Poster

There’s no post-apocalyptic world here, but the two protagonists here stop the apocalypse from happening several times during the show. Supernatural features two brothers who travel across the country hunting demons and monsters, with the initial plot focusing on them vanquishing the demon that killed their mother.

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The 100 fans must have had their fill of an abundance of characters to some degree, which is why Supernatural is absolutely the perfect way for a palette cleanser. The first seasons will accommodate the viewer nicely as it features a style geared toward teenagers; once you really get into it, you’ll mature alongside Sam and Dean Winchester to witness them fight Satan himself, among several hundreds of primordial creations.

4 Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead 4b poster header

The Walking Dead was a road show in its first few seasons, but it settled into one community eventually from where it hasn’t turned away. Fear the Walking Dead is the companion series that still hasn’t shunned its nomadic premise, as the world here is grittier than from the main show.

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You’ll enjoy seeing the heroes be constantly on the run, with the zombie-infected world out to get them at every turn. Fear the Walking Dead also sees a regularly rotating cast, but its nomadic nature ensures you stick to (and care about) a core group of individuals brought together with the hope of surviving a dying world.

3 Under the Dome

Coming from the very talented mind of Stephen King, Under the Dome is the inverse of The 100, with the story here involving people who are trapped inside a massive dome that has isolated them from the rest of the world. Due to the indestructible nature of the dome, the townspeople are now forced to survive off their own devices, and tension is super high.

Under the Dome goes in the nitty-gritty part of survival, with the townspeople panicking due to resources cutting down day-by-day. The viewer is kept intrigued by several storylines branching out, as people attempt to understand how to escape the dome, what it is, and the mysteries surrounding it.

2 The Expanse

Another show that can be considered as the upside-down version of The 100 is The Expanse. The premise has the main characters in the backdrop of a future several hundred years away from ours, where humanity now survives in a space colony, with connections to Earth and Mars.

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The series thrives on the mysteries surrounding the fragile peace between the colonies, and the number of unexplained disappearances and tragedies aboard. The show, which is still on-air, keeps you on your toes with twists and reveals in regular intervals. As the endgame is still not here, you should begin your binge of The Expanse right about now.

1 Lost

Lost TV Series Pilot

The show that brought mainstream attention to the science fiction genre, and walked away with major awards to boot, Lost is one show you cannot miss. The series follows the survivors of a plane crash that landed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a mysterious island. The resultant fallout between the survivors and the relationships the form between them is the base on which the show thrives.

With Sci-Fi and even supernatural elements injected into it, Lost has its hands on both sides of the wheel and steers into dramatic territory, while keeping its main genre alive. The overall mystery surrounding the plan crash is what will keep you watching one episode after another, culminating in a finale that is guaranteed to keep you thinking.

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