6Documentary Now!

Another show that probably wouldn’t exist without Hader’s time spent at SNL, Documentary Now! sees Hader team up with fellow SNL alumni Seth Meyers and Fred Armisen. The trio takes their love of comedy and documentary films and combines them to create a series of brilliantly hilarious mockumentaries. Bill

Hader is credited as a creator, writer, producer, and actor, so if SNL hasn’t satiated your appetite for Hader’s work, then this is likely the best bet.

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Each episode pays homage to different styles of documentary films. Armisen, Hader, and Meyers infuse their signature humor while honoring classics in documentary film. While their work at places like SNL and Late Night With Seth Meyers is mostly meant to go week by week, their work on Documentary Now! is another series, like Barry, meant to last the test of time.

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