10 Shows To Watch If You Love Doctor Who

Sci-fi fans who love Doctor Who can't go far wrong with this rundown of similar shows they might like to sink their teeth into.

Doctor Who is a behemoth. Not only has it provided eleven seasons of time-traveling episodes in the revival, but over one hundred fifty episodes of the classic series too. It is a feat for anyone to watch the show to completion, but those who have might be itching for more.

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There are many other series that contain elements that will attract many Doctor Who fans. Whether it's space adventure, British drama, time travel, or ethical science fiction conundrums, there are hundreds of series that offer something for these fans. Whether you're relatively new to the series or you're a lifelong Whovian, here are ten other shows you might love if you like Doctor Who.

10 Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica, like Doctor Who, has a long history. Though not as old, Battlestar's original series aired for the first time in 1978 and was soon followed by a sequel series Battlestar 1980. Since then, other iterations have followed in multiple media formats, from comics, books, to TV. Perhaps the most beloved, though, is the rebooted series from 2004.

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Developed by Ronald D. Moore, Battlestar Galactica follows a group of military refuges at war with a group of androids named Cylons. They must overcome their differences to survive, tackling morally ambiguous obstacles as well as this android threat. If you love Doctor Who's space-based episodes as well as their tackling of moral quandaries, you will adore Battlestar Galactica. It remains one of the most critically acclaimed science fiction series ever made, a must-watch even if you're not a Doctor Who fan.

9 Torchwood

When it comes to a new series to watch post-Doctor Who, Torchwood is a no brainer. Without a doubt, it is the most loved Doctor Who spinoff out there (granted, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Class don't offer much in terms of competition). This series, created by former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies, follows Captain Jack Harkness as he leads a group of covert agents against alien threats on Earth.

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Where Doctor Who is fairly family-friendly, Torchwood is in no way, shape or form appropriate for kids. It tackles far more mature themes that Doctor Who would never touch. Because of this, the series has alienated some fans. Still, if you want more adult-friendly themes with a sprinkle of X-Files storytelling, Torchwood is the perfect series for you.

8 Being Human

Some of the best episodes of Doctor Who are the ones that blend the fantastical with everyday life. The Lodger is undoubtedly a great example, showing what it might be like when an alien becomes a flatmate. One series approaches a similar premise through a more supernatural lens: Being Human.

Part horror/drama and part roommate comedy, the series follows three flatmates who just so happen to be supernatural creatures. Annie (a ghost), George (a werewolf), and Hal (a vampire) all live together in a flat in Bristol. Within the politics of this supernatural world, most choose to live outside the confines of humanity, while the three leads choose to live with society. This leads to many pitfalls and challenges for the group. Like Doctor Who, this series leads to some great fish-out-of-water moments.

7 The Crown

The Crown Queen

At first glance, it might not seem like the most natural follow-up to finishing Doctor Who, but The Crown is the perfect after-dinner mint to The Doctor's time-traveling hijinks. Perhaps Doctor Who was your first introduction to British television. Afterward, you might be craving an expansion into the other types of storytelling this island nation has to offer. Netflix's historical drama follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II as she struggles to rule a post-war Britain with drastically changing morals.

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The transition between sci-fi and the sophisticated period piece will only be made more accessible by the performances, including a prominent role by one of the previous Doctors himself! Matt Smith plays Elizabeth's maverick of a husband, Prince Phillip. This role is a far left turn from his previous performance as The Doctor. Seeing Matt Smith play a bit of a sleaze is both unsettling and loads of fun. It also will shed light on some key historical moments for Britain during the 20th century that are often referenced in Doctor Who, as well as other British series.

6 Farscape

Farscape Cast

A favorite aspect of Doctor Who for many viewers is its implementation of practical effects. For years, the series was the butt of many jokes that made fun of its hokey costumes and effects. That was part of the charm, though, and the revival series followed suit. So many of the costumes and aliens were the products of hours of work from puppeteers, costume designers and so many more talented artists. If you're a fan of the Daleks, Slitheen, or Zygons, a great creature continuation would be Farscape.

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Farscape follows a band of characters aboard the bio-mechanical ship Moya. These include live-action humans, makeup-created aliens, and puppets large and small. This Australian/American series could come from no other mind than the son of Jim Henson himself: Brian Henson. Although it only ran for three seasons, Farscape has achieved cult status and attracts fans from around the world. Farscape will satisfy all your space adventure and creature cravings.

5 Black Mirror

When it comes to science fiction, the Brits certainly have contributed their fair share. One of their recent outputs, Black Mirror, is undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon. The series takes the anthology route, telling contained stories that handle our relationship with technology. It's dark, twisted, occasionally funny, and always entertaining.

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Although Doctor Who is a long-running interconnected series, many of its individual episodes feel like contained stories similar to Black Mirror. Both shows tackle many of the same science fiction puzzles and tropes and offer solutions or damnations to such questions. Not to mention, the series had initially been a British one before Netflix acquired it. A few Doctor Who alumni, including the thirteenth doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker, make brief appearances.

4 In The Flesh

The north of England had remained an untapped goldmine for stories. Yorkshire alone has so much literary history (home to the Bronte Sisters) and picturesque vistas that it should be ripe for film and television storytelling. Doctor Who has embraced this to a point, setting much of Doctor Who series eleven in Sheffield and its surrounding areas. Another great series that brings sci-fi to the moors and dales of the North is In the Flesh.

The show is unlike any zombie series before it. Instead of focusing on a zombie apocalypse, In the Flesh tells the story of a remedied zombie world. Cured zombies regain their consciousness after years of presumed fighting among the living and the dead. The series tackles issues of xenophobia among small communities but through a horror and science fiction lens. Similarly to Battlestar Galactica and Black Mirror, if you like your science fiction with a bit of a narrative bite (pun definitely intended), you will fall in love with In the Flesh.

3 Misfits

Bringing fantasy and science fiction elements into British urban environments is what Doctor Who does best. There is something about seeing aliens running through the gritty streets of London boroughs that works so well, even on nothing more than a visual level. One series follows in the same vein, blending this gritty landscape with superhero tropes.

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Misfits is an original series produced by E4 (but later picked up by Hulu), which brings superheroes into modern day London. Following a group of community service workers, this crew is struck by lightning and endowed with superhuman powers. The series stars some of the best young British talents, including Robert Sheehan and a pre-Game of Thrones Iwan Rheon. It's dark and depressing but still fun, similar to the tone of series such as Torchwood. Think Doctor Who meets Skins.

2 Orphan Black

Tatiana Maslany Orphan Black BBC America

One of the biggest draws for fans of Doctor Who is the fact that multiple actors play the main character. For this reason, the series has lasted years longer than anyone could have imagined. Each Doctor brings something new to the table, while still holding to the main compass point of the character. Now imagine if, instead, there was only one actor on the show, playing multiple other versions of themselves. That show would be Orphan Black.

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This original BBC America series follows the lives of clones. The protagonist, Sarah Manning, takes over the life of one of her clones, opening up an underground world of morally ambiguous science fiction stories. Being produced by the BBC, the series has a similar production value as Doctor Who, as well as its excellent writing, acting, and direction. If for no other reason, you have to watch this for the fantastic performances by Tatiana Maslany.

1 Broadchurch

Olivia Colman and David Tennant in Broadchurch

Weirdly enough, Broadchurch might be the best show to watch after finishing Doctor Who. The series focuses on the English coastal town of Broadchurch. After the murder of a young boy, two detectives begin a search to find his killer. Their journey subsequently pushes the townspeople to their farthest limits. Light stuff, huh?

It is one of the best crime series to come around in years, and one of those shows where nearly every aspect works at the best level. The performances are out of this world. There are more Doctor Who alumni than one can mention including David Tennant, Jodie Whittaker, David Bradley, and Olivia Colman. The direction is gorgeous, fully embracing the dramatic cliffsides of England's southwest coast. If you loved the interpersonal quality of series eleven of Doctor Who, then you will fall in love with the characters of Broadchurch, as Chris Chibnall oversaw both. It is a tour de force and one of the best pieces of television around.

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