10 Shows With A More Satisfying Ending Than Game of Thrones

With Game of Thrones ending, people are recalling their favorite and least favorite endings of television series. Many fans were upset with the choices made in the last couple of episodes of Game of Thrones and felt the series let them down with the ending. After eight years of being invested in the show, many fans were left feeling like the ending didn’t tie up enough loose ends and that many of the choices came out of left field. While a majority of fans might not have loved the Game of Thrones ending, the endings of these television series have gone down as some of the most satisfying and well-made.

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While Hannibal didn’t ever get an official season finale or ending as the show was canceled, the creators were still able to give fans a satisfying conclusion. The ending of Hannibal is an ambiguous one that is open for interpretation. However, it was a satisfying way to give some resolution of the arc and relationship between Hannibal and Will Graham. The artistic, metaphorical ending was especially fitting for the tone of the show, and the music and cinematography in the scene were perfect. Hannibal is a great example of how even shows who didn’t get to live long enough can still give well-made conclusions.

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While The Office’s ending might not be talked about often as one of the best series finales, it was satisfying for the show. The ending brought Michael Scott back and gave a satisfying send-off for many of the characters. While the last couple season of the show might not have been the best, seeing the characters come together and have such an emotional ending was worth it. The show had many characters move onto better things in the finale, but we still understood that many of the characters would always be friends.


The Sopranos Finale

The Sopranos ending is one that caused a lot of controversy and discussion about the time. This was an ambiguous ending that was open to interpretation. The fade-to-black finale didn’t give resolution into whether or not Tony Soprano actually died. But, looking back on this ending, it is definitely a fitting one. Good endings don’t always have to be well-liked, and his ending reflected his life. One thing is for sure, the finale of this show will be one that many people remember and dissect for years to come.

7 M*A*S*H

Mash series finale

M*A*S*H is an old show and a classic one. The show started in 1972 and ran for 11 years before it came to an end. The show’s ending was an emotional one that had Hawkeye Pierce and the majority of the other characters going home. This series finale also drove home the point of the series which is that war is awful. This finale is one that is generally recognized as one of the best in television history. This is especially true as it’s still being talked about over 30 years after it happened.


Walter White was a tragic, complex character who started out as an average guy and descended into being an evil figure. In this finale, he admits that many of the cruel things he did were just because they made him happy. It was definitely fitting and necessary that Walter White died at the end of Breaking Bad. Many fans also enjoyed that Walter was able to show that he had moments of nuance, as he does help Jesse in the end.


Friends definitely had its issues, and its finale wasn’t perfect. However, overall it was a satisfying conclusion. Seeing the characters move on to a new chapter was fitting and reflected that their time as young adults in NYC had come to an end. The last shot of the door of Monica’s apartment is iconic and poignant. While there is some debate about some of the character’s endings, especially the ending with Ross and Rachel, seeing all of the friends express their love for each other and walk away to the next stage of their lives is emotional.


Battlestar Galactica is another series finale that didn’t answer all the questions, but it answered enough to make this ending satisfying. Of course, shows don’t have to tie up all loose ends all of the time as some ambiguity allows for fan interpretation and discussion. In this finale, the survivors of the Cylon holocaust are able to settle on a new world and create a new home. Overall, this conclusion is seen as an overall good one.

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Ted Danson and Shelley Long in Cheers Finale

This series finale was a bittersweet one. It didn’t end on a note where everything was perfect and happy, and that’s what makes this ending a good one. Sam and Diane don’t get a romantic, happily ever after, but this ending made the most sense for these characters. Sam goes back to Boston, while Diane goes to L.A. The realistic nature of this season finale is something that many fans enjoyed.


Six Feet Under Finale

The finale of Six Feet Under is another one of the most talked about and famous in all of television. What made this finale stand out was the last few minutes of the show. The series ends with the Fisher family and gives a montage of the deaths of all the main cast. This ending shows viewers how death is complex, tragic, and more than just tragic. This finale was definitely a highly emotional one.

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The Wire was an HBO series that had a satisfying ending. The show wasn’t simple and dealt with complex issues. Overall, the ending was able to give answers to many questions of the series and address the themes. This finale wrapped up many storylines such as the future of Tommy Carcetti. The last scenes were a montage of Baltimore, and overall, this ending was a satisfying one.

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