Shooting Details About Christopher Nolan's 'Inception'

With the "hush hush" secrecy of Christopher Nolan's latest film, Inception, any piece of news or information that emerges instantly gets my attention. All we really know about the plot of the film so far is that it's a "contemporary sci-fi thriller set within the architecture of the mind."

Beyond that  short plot synopsis, we have the killer cast of Leonardo DiCaprio (who's role is described as a CEO type); Marion Cotillard (playing DiCaprio's wife); Ellen Page (DiCaprio's "sidekick"); Ken Watanabe (who plays a blackmailing villain to DiCaprio's character); Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy (both characters unknown); Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy (both playing DiCaprio's work associates).

Today we gladly get some additional information about the mysterious Inception.

A spy report on Inception was put onto IMDB recently and the fairly specific details given attach credibility to the report. The info provided included a location where the film has been shooting and more about the characters each of the cast play. According to the report, shooting took place at the University College London, in such places as the Wilkins' building (which was transformed using fake signage into the French national library) and the Flaxman Gallery.

'Inception' shooting location - Flaxman Gallery

The Flaxman gallery scene is described in the spy report as Leonardo DiCaprio's character "being introduced to a graduate student named Ariadne (played by Ellen Page) by Michael Caine's character, who tells Ariadne that Leo's character has a job offer for her."

The spy report gives us more info about Inception's characters, including that Caine appears to be playing, "a similar character to the one he always plays lately." Page is described as playing, "a plucky young student," and DiCaprio is described as a, "moody and focused," character with a "toying with the toothpick-in-between-the-teeth," look.

Some of the other various locations that were shot within the UCL included a lecture theater, a reading room and some of the corridors of the library. The shoot only involved DiCaprio, Page and Cain rather than the whole cast; it took place over only one day - the spy report speculates that these scenes can't be all that "big" within the overall Inception production.

I wonder how long it will be before we get some more officially released details about Nolan's latest project. Inception certainly has been an intriguing movie so far, largely because of its secrecy. And that awesome cast certainly doesn't hurt either.

We'll keep you updated on Inception's progress and let you know if and when some more official details get released. As far as unofficial details go: a few weeks ago various members of the cast were spotted in Tokyo a little while after the start of production on the film. For more details on this, you can head over to The Playlist.

Are you looking to Christopher Nolan's Inception at this point, or do you want to know a bit more before you can get excited about it?

Inception is currently filming and is slated for a July 16th, 2010 release.

Sources: IMDB (User: DivisionOfJoy) thanks to /Film

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