15Rumored: Another Scandal/HTGAWM crossover

Viola Davis and Kerry Washington in How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal Crossover

The event was so popular that fans started wondering if there might be another crossover in the future. Could that be a way to bring back some Scandal characters without rebooting the entire show?

Before Scandal officially ended, Rhimes gifted #TGIT fans with one of the most exciting episodes ever -- a crossover episode between Scandal and another one of her popular shows, How to Get Away With Murder.

Usually, crossover events like that only happen in fanfiction (or the Marvel universe). This made it even more

thrilling to watch Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating interact on screen, especially given the talents of Kerry Washington and Viola Davis. Even Cicely Tyson made another appearance.

There’s no evidence of any plans for this, though, so at the moment it’s just wishful thinking.

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