15The Lion King — Scar Creeping On Nala

Ever wonder why Nala was wandering out in the jungle before she reunited with Simba in The Lion King? It’s because there’s an unused scene that shows Scar banishing Nala from the Pride Lands after the creepiest proposal ever.

The moment comes after Scar decides he needs heirs to

maintain his shaky hold over the animal kingdom. Thus, he decides that Nala will be his wife and proceeds to force himself upon her during a creepy rendition of “Be Prepared.” Scar even finishes by telling her that she really has no choice in the matter and that one way or another he always gets what he wants.

It’s no wonder that this scene didn’t make it into the final film, as it turns Scar from a power-hungry villain into a full-blown predator — which has no place in a G-rated Disney film.

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